Dougie Lampkin Riding in a Frozen Fairy Castle Is Truly Cool, Literally

Dougie Lampkin's Frozen Fairy Castle Adventure 1 photo
Photo: Red Bull
We’ve seen the epic Dougie Lampkin jumping over a Formula 1 car in Red Bull’s garage back in 2013, using no ramps and other tricks but his own skills and the capabilities of the bike. The stunt has kept Red Bull officials under quite some tension, because smashing a motorcycle into their F1 car was not exactly the happiest outcome of such a publicity stunt. However, things went just well, so we can now enjoy another awesome video from Red Bull-backed Lampkin.
We don’t know who came up with the scenario and decided to show us such an amazing video in mid-December, but the guy was just genius. What better way to endure the winter break and get ready for Xmas than seeing some first-class riding in the northern Finnish landscape? And even more mesmerizing than the vast Lapland snow-covered forests, how about riding a trial bike in a giant igloo which looks like the manor of Frozen’s character Elsa?

Spiked tires and low pressure will make riding much easier

You’ve most likely noticed the super-grippy tires and the low pressure trial bikes are using to be able to hold on to the most insane surfaces and obstacle edges. Believe it or not, this is a trick drivers also use during the winter, because running a little flat maximizes the contact patch of normal tires, adding to the overall traction on an otherwise, not-that-friendly surface.

Now, stability is not exactly an issue with cars, since they won’t flip, so when running special-design spiked tires, the pressure can be set to normal. However, with the small contact patch of a bike, spikes AND low pressure is a mandatory combo when riding in the snow and on ice.

As Lampkin himself says, riding on ice and snow is one of the things he has not tried so far, so the Tundra Trial video was the best occasion to experiment riding in such hardcore conditions. The Snow Hotel has 16-meter (52 feet) dome, 28 rooms and a chapel which can accommodate 50 people for very cool weddings. The weight of the idea used for the entire structure is estimated to be around 350 tons.

It’s really hard to find the best words to describe how awesome this video is, even after we watched it for the third time in a row. How about Disney creating a Frozen sequel and having Dougie in it? He accomplished his training for very cool tricks, literally…

Also make sure you follow the link for some commando motorcycle action which will blow your mind.

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