Motorcycles Jumping Planes Is Crazy and Awesome Fun

Bikes jumping planes 1 photo
Just ahead of any potential argument on this stunt being real or fake breaks out, I’d like to say that such stunts are not only possible, but also they can be staged into more complex scenarios, so those rushing in to say that this one is way too dangerous to it must have been faked should think twice.
The video below is part of the portfolio for two companies, Pixel Workers and Aero Media Group, dealing with image editing, visual effects, various types of videos and aeronautics-related media and photography, respectively. This video is great even if it were only CG work; but then why have Oklahoma-based FMX rider Cody Elkins and master airplane pilot Skip Stewart in it?

If you’re still skeptical, some quick Googling will show you what both these guys are about and what they do for a living. After you’ve watched several videos of both these fellows, please revisit this one again and try to convince yourself that all the guys and all the resources involved in making this video were all put to work to trick you.

Surely, footage form more angles will eventually be released, to provide proof to those who claim that the bike did not actually jump OVER the plane and it’s all a matter of using perspective to trick the eye. Maybe the crisp image is a bit too much for some and leads them into believing things are too good to be true, but I tell you that more dangerous stunts have been staged and successfully performed, with jumping a bike through a moving railway car and so on. If you don’t need any additional proof, enjoy Cody and Skip having high-adrenaline fun.

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