Front Wheel Burnouts with Troy Bayliss

Front Wheel Burnouts with Troy Bayliss 1 photo
Pretty much anyone can squeeze the front brake lever of a bike for dear life and then throttle like a mad man to do burnouts in the parking lot. Some less skilled, maybe fearful riders would even plant their front wheel into a wall or something like this and hit the gas. Both methods will burn off some rubber, make smoke and bring about zero glory points, save for when performed in front of a drunk crowd at a motorcycle rally.
Now, if you want to see some really cool burnout action, how about using a common, 1-wheel drive bike (sorry Christini) and doing a burnout with BOTH wheels? Sounds like things just got a lot more serious, haven’t they?

The video below shows 3-time Superbike world champion and esteemed Borgo Panigale rider/instructor Troy Bayliss having his way with a Ducati and showing what burnouts performed by real me look like. To him, this trick sounds like one of the easiest, and it all comes down to modulate the braking power for the front wheel so that it still spins.

“The trick is,” says Bayliss, that “you have to be in the second or the third gear, revving up around 6,000, and lifting up the front just as if you’d get ready to pop a wheelie. While the front tire still has very little contact with the ground, you should squeeze the front brake, making sure that the wheel can still spin a little.” Still, the worst part of this trick is that it is extremely punishing for the front tire. Doing this for two or three times, and the tire is as good as dead, Bayliss adds.

Troy Bayliss performed this trick on a closed circuit during one of the Ducati Riding Experience training programs. He is a highly-experimented rider so attempting to replicate his trick may result in crashing and injury. Make sure you’re always wearing protective riding gear.

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