Trust Me, I’m a Lawyer. And Praise Jesus!

Things have not gone too well for Edwin Mieses, the rider who sustained massive injuries as Alexian Lien ran him over during the Manhattan Brawl incident, last September. Doctors say that there are 99.9% chances that Mieses will never walk again and, by all means, this is sad. It is an unfortunate turn of events, as it looks like Mieses was more or less what we’d call “collateral damage” in this altogether nasty affair.
While there is no evidence that Mieses took part in what triggered the first intimidating actions against Lien or his beating, his very unlucky presence in the middle of the commotion seems to have been on thing he could have done without.

Neither Lien or Mieses has been charged so far, and it looks like things could remain that way. The Mieses family retained the services of attorney Gloria Allred and, according to her statement, it is still to be decided whether a civil lawsuit will be filed against Lien. Still, state prosecutors are investigating the whole incident and it looks like there is still a lot of data to be analyzed to determine whether Lien plowing through the riders was an act of self-defense or with any criminal intent.

Reportedly, Lien had fender bender with Cristopher Cruz, whom the existing recording shows brake-checking the SUV. Apparently, the group of riders stopped and surrounded Lien’s Range Rover, while Mieses says he checked for Cruz and was ran over as he was returning to his bike.

I am not taking sides in this matter, and unlike other folks, I will never say that Edwin Mieses deserved his fate. Nor would I say that running a biker over with a 3-ton SUV is the right thing to do. I don’t defend either of them and I am not accusing any of the two. Still, this whole affair makes me think about how bad things can get when people are acting recklessly.

That is because the Hollywood Stuntz ride was obviously a reckless, illegal act. Both autoevolution and a whole lot of other media have run stories with biker groups acting anything but in a lawful, coherent unintimidating manner. The footage is surely being taken into account by prosecutors and it’s not up to me to or you, the readers, at least not with too much pretense.

Fact is that Mieses is the only one responsible for joining the ride and for his alleged good intentions towards Cruz which led to stopping the bike in front of the SUV. As for his declarations that he was also concerned about Lien’s state… I honestly don’t believe a word! The biker gang was not on a Good Samaritan ride, and no matter how much crap would Mrs. Allred bring into the discussions, this is never going to change. When joining a group of people who misconduct, individual actions tend to lose their personal character: birds of a feather flock together, they say, and they don’t say it for nothing.

Seeing Allred going all emotional and trying to talk Mieses and – for that matter – the rest of the gang out of responsibility for the Manhattan Brawl is really making me sick. Again, I’m not blaming him, but what he’s passing through now is solely the outcome of his decisions to join the gang. As for trying to block a Range Rover with bikes… the very idea is hilarious. Of course, Mrs. Allred will only tell her version of her emotional side of the story, but this is one thing we all expect… and despise.

I wonder whether she will mention Mieses rap sheet in her almost crying and begging story-telling, as I wonder how she will try to literally “extract” her client out of the whole mess, in case she convinces him to go on and sue Lien. I can almost bet that she would come up with the sweetest of stories trying to single out Mieses from the rest of the gang. I'm not implying that he is a bad man, but him joining with what turned out to be bad people...

Time and again, this would only be the same pile of bs: even though Mieses had no part in attacking or intimidating Alexian Lien directly, him being a part of an unruly, intimidating mob which has never showed anything else than menacing conduct through the entire recorded sequence. He may not be guilty of any actions against Lien, his wife or their infant child, but he’s definitely not the innocent passer-by Allred may be thinking of showing to the world.

The fact that Mieses is not blaming the driver may be highly emotional for some, but to me this whole God’s grace crap is as fake as it gets. I’m ready to bet my next month’s wage that if it wasn’t for Mieses to be seriously injured in this nasty incident, he’d still be the same guy he was before, hanging out with thugs, and not giving a damn on other road users’ rights.

So that’s why I strongly believe he should just cut the charade and accept his mistake without showing fake contentment for his state and hiding it behind the Jesus blabber. It has nothing to do with the way his fellow riders behaved, nothing to do with Lien’s decision to drive through the rides, his beating, or Mieses’ unfortunate injuries. In this particular case, repentance is much too late. It should be kept inside anyway, and not waved like a banner of potential absolution.

To see Edwin Mieses’ interview, follow the link to Daily News.
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