Musket 1120 Magnum Looks Too Good to Be True, but It Is

Musket 1120 Magnum 10 photos
Photo: Aniket Vardhan
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Remember Aniket Vardhan and his amazing Musket motorcycle? Yes, the guy who decided he should build a v-twin engine based on two single Royal Enfield mills! He not only succeeded in creating a v-win power plant which worked perfectly well and installed it in the Musket bike, but he is expanding his business with more engines. He took to using two 350cc cylinders for creating a 700cc v-twin, while continuing to develop his liter-class mill. However, the flagship Aniket crafted is the Musket 1120 Magnum.
The Musket 1120 Magnum is a bespoke bike manufactured for a customer. The engine is still based on the Royal Enfield, but Aniket took things so much further, and went on to redesign and manufacture his own cast crankcase, connecting rods and crankshaft, and of course, his own cylinders. Not sure how much Royal Enfield is left in this Musket, anyway…

The funny thing is that Royal Enfield doesn’t make v-twins

Obviously, the funniest thing about the whole deal is that Royal Enfield is NOT building a v-twin power plant. Aniket buys the parts he needs from India, putting his engines together using parts he designed, engineered and fabricated. Now, Aniket hasn’t transformed his house into an industrial foundry, at least not yet, but he can definitely be referred to as a full-fledged engine builder.

The Enfield frame is definitely going to follow into the steps of the engine, as it has a lot of potential for evolution, even though this would mean one more extra step away from the Indian roots. Aniket is definitely good at preserving the retro looks the Royal Enfield machinery has boasted on for so many years now, but he also seems like being almost ready for establishing a more individual character for his creations.

Not that the Musket bikes look bad, but they can definitely be endowed with an even stronger personality. We know that some guys are simply in love with drum brakes and the old looks of the forks, but there is so much more to accomplish in this field with only minor aesthetic changes, whose presence will add solid points to the rideability, safety and comfort figures.

Until then, it’s really amazing to see Mr. Vardhan transforming Royal Enfield technology in technology which he can call his own, and we hope to see his business growing to become another landmark in the neo-retro motorcycle scene. Visit Musket Motor Works’ web home to find out more about these spectacular bikes.
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