That's How You Train on a Motorcycle

I wonder what riders who never go out in the rain say about this 1 photo
Photo: Facebook capture
I watched the video below in sincere admiration for the rider and his skills and I even smiled thinking about how would getting licensed be like if this was a mandatory road test. Honestly, I am not sure I would have gotten my motorcycle driving permit that year… I have never been afraid to ride in the wet, because it looks like I have some sort of a knack for staying upright on wet tarmac. But you see, it’s not exactly staying upright this guy’s video is all about.
Eight-figures are a real pain in the back for many beginners as doing them requires very good control of both throttle and leaning techniques, which combined give us the skills of riding a bike through any turn. Now, most exams around the world include eight-figures simply because of their extreme, if you wish, nature.

Of course nobody actually does eight-figures in traffic, but being able to do so is a guarantee that a rider is confident enough in his or her own skills such as to keep the bike upright around the corner. Some guys need quite a lot of practice to build such a degree of confidence, while others might find it much easier. Fact is a lot of new riders are extremely uncomfortable with this maneuver and would be very glad if the tests would no longer require it.

Still, seeing the fellow doing such 8-figures in the rain is amazing, because of at least two reasons. First of all it’s the tires this guy is using, and their awesome grip in the wet, and then it’s the crazy confidence in them which allows him to go that sharp. We should also mention his perfect throttle mastership and any jerks or irregularities could either cause a wheelspin and a fall, or a silly and wet low-side, respectively.

I wonder what riders who never go out in the rain say about this…

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