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Watch How a Russian Mechanic Repairs a Toyota Prius Wreck

This Toyota Prius has had a rough life. It's probably about a year old but spent a lot of that gathering dust as a wreck. The Russian mechanics saw potential where their American counterparts didn't, so the hybrid was imported and repaired.
Watch How a Russian Mechanic Repairs a Toyota Prius Wreck 3 photos
Watch How a Russian Mechanic Repairs a Toyota Prius WreckWatch How a Russian Mechanic Repairs a Toyota Prius Wreck
At first glance, the car has only minor damage. However, once the bumper, hood, and fenders are removed, the true extent of the shunt is revealed.

First, the body shop specialist removes the side skirt to get access to the jacking points. This allows him to take the wheel off and remove the dinged up plastic arch. The fender then comes off, followed by the hood.

The chassis is a little bent, so Arthur (that's his name) whips out his magic laser and starts measuring. He uses a chain winch to pull the damaged left chassis rail back towards the left one. Just like a basic cardboard box, you know it's perfect when the sides are straight, and the two diagonals are equal.

New radiator and headlight supports are installed. After that, a replacement hood is test-fitted. One of the fenders only suffered a minor ding, and we get to see the master fix it in what seems like only a few minutes. Of course, we know it takes years of practice to get it right.

This just goes to show that even though a car looks broken, it can usually be fixed. However, if your mechanic is asking $100 per hour and $5,000 for the parts, you might want to consider shipping it to the Russians.

The Prius has been around for over 20 years and is practically synonymous with hybrids. Now in its fourth generation, it looks like a sedan with funky headlights. Why are the BMW-hungry Russians buying cars like this? Because Toyotas have a reputation for bulletproof reliability.

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