War Thunder Danger Zone Update Adds Iconic Fighter Jet and the First Chinese Helicopter

War Thunder - Danger Zone update 12 photos
Photo: Gaijin Entertainment
War Thunder - Danger Zone updateWar Thunder - Danger Zone updateWar Thunder - Danger Zone updateWar Thunder - Danger Zone updateWar Thunder - Danger Zone updateWar Thunder - Danger Zone updateWar Thunder - F-14A TomcatWar Thunder - F-14A TomcatWar Thunder - F-14A TomcatWar Thunder - Z-19EWar Thunder - Z-19E
Finally, the highly-anticipated Danger Zone update is live now for War Thunder players after weeks of being teased. Many of the changes included in the update have been previously revealed by Gaijin Entertainment, such as the addition of a certain iconic fighter jet and Israeli helicopters.
But there’s a lot more coming to War Thunder than just fighter jets and helicopters, so here is a quick look at some of the new vehicles coming to the game today. First off, as we previously reported, the US F-14A Tomcat fighter jet is coming to War Thunder.

To go along with the new fighter jet, the folks at Gaijin announced that aviation containers with napalm are the new weapon type in the game. An incendiary mixture that burns for a long time and sticks to surfaces, including wet ones, napalm was mostly used in the Vietnam War.

The Danger Zone update adds the Israeli helicopter tech tree to the game, and although some of the vehicles are Israeli variants of the models' players already know (i.e., Cobras and Apaches), there are also new ones like the Hughes MD500 TOW light attack helicopter.

Another interesting addition to the game is the first Chinese helicopter, the Z-19E, a modern attack helicopter that had its first flight in 2017. This is a Premium rank VI helicopter that features high combat capabilities, air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles, thermal imager, radar/laser warning system, and countermeasures.

Also, a new Chinese tank ZTZ99A joins War Thunder as part of the Danger Zone update. An updated version of the ZTZ99MBT, the new tank features an arrow-shaped turret, the latest anti-cumulative dynamic and composite armor, and a new engine that allows it to reach speeds of 75 km/h (47 mph).

Furthermore, the German battleship SMS Bayern, which entered service in July 1916, is coming to War Thunder too. Although it’s a very slow ship, it’s incredibly powerful thanks to its eight 380mm guns and enhanced armor.

Last but not least, several exotic vehicles have been added to the game, including the 100/17 su Lancia 3Ro, a Skoda 10cm Vz.1914 howitzer mounted in the field on an army truck chassis to increase mobility.
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