Finally, the F-14 Tomcat Is Coming to War Thunder, Here's Why It's Huge

If you asked the average Ace Combat or War Thunder player where they think F-14 Tomcat was built, they'd probably say the foundries of aviation Valhalla. Specifically to be the sexiest warplane ever to fly. But in truth, the Grumman Tomcat's hometown is a perfectly missable little town called Bethpage, New York.
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Our point is that the Tomcat is an airplane universally beloved by all who remember it, whether or not it actually is as incincible as some claim it is. The lovable swing-wing interceptor might be the most adored naval jet fighter. Heck, it might be the most loved navy fighter ever, full stop.

Though you couldn't tell by all the fans today, the F-14's been officially out of service for almost 20 years. But that didn't stop War Thunder fans the globe over from reacting to Gaijin's announcement that the venerable American swing-wing navy fighter was coming to the game. All during the 50th aniversary of the F-14's first flight in 1972.

Just in time for the release Top Gun: Maverick, both War Thunder and Ace Combat 7 communities have celebrated the long-awaited sequel to the original movie starring Tom Cruise with special aircraft releases related to the Top Gun franchise and, by extension, the F-14 as well. Only months after the release of the A-10 Thunderbolt II, an airplane built mere miles away from the Tomcat in Farmingdale, New York, released in War Thunder battles to a raucously polarized fanbase.

It will do so under the War Thunder major update "Danger Zone," another Top Gun reference there. This pack will include an early variant of the F-14A Tomcat at the top of a newly reworked American naval aviation tech tree. In this configuration, the jet will sport twin Pratt & Whitney TF30-P-412A turbojet engines, cranking out a not-insignificant 12,000 kg (26,450 lbf) of thrust at each. In real life, these were often absolute devils of an engine that were prone to failure and hopelessly expensive to operate.

F\-14A War Thunder
But when everything's working well, you'll be blitzing 200 meters per second in a zoom climb and max out at speed nearing 1,400 miles per hour (2,235 kph), or roughly twice the speed of sound. With a suite of air-to-air ordinance starting with the AIM-7E/F Sparrow radar-guided missile.

But that's just the start! You also have access to the AIM-9D/G and AIM-9H Sidewinder heat-seeking missile, and the AIM-54A Phoenix long-range missile on offer. In short, the Tomcat has more ways of killing air targets than just about anything in the game. Especially once you include the integrated M60 20mm rotary autocannon.

Sadly, it wouldn't be until later variants of the Tomcat became available that more advanced air-to-ground missiles and radars became common on the type. Even so, the game will allow you to carry some rudimentary ground munitions. Things like Zuni unguided rockets and unguided bombs of up to 2,000 pounds each. That's without mentioning the full suite of chaff and flair missile countermeasures no modern fighter can fly into battle without.

So then, if you were expecting some invincible leviathan that can't be shot down and bodies the entire enemy team all by itself, you'll be happy to see the F-14A does indeed have its downsides. That lack of ground attack capability sure could become a headache in online combined realistic battles. Especially those who make a habit out of farming silver lion currency by racking up AGM kills like a kid in a candy store in the A-10.

F\-14A War Thunder
Of course, not everybody is confident in Gaijin themselves from implementing the Tomcat into the game in a way that's objectively fair and balanced. Accusations of bias in order to pander to the executives of Top Gun are already rife within the War Thunder community. It's a sentiment that may only intensify if top-tier air RB matches become saturated with Tomcats lobbing Phoenix missiles from across the map while other time questions why they even bothered installing the game.


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