Wanksy Is Manchester's Street Artist That Tags Potholes with Penis Drawings

Wanksy drawing in London 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
You are probably aware of who Banksy is. Well, let me rephrase that, as nobody knows who he is, but almost all of us know what he does and why he does it. Like any street artist - except for taggers, those are absolutely useless - his drawings are meant as a protest against the system or the current state of affairs.
Wanksy isn't that different, but he just tackles a very particular problem that the streets of Manchester, Great Britain are facing: the dreaded potholes. You'd think that one of the most important and prosperous cities in England would make little work of a few irregularities in the road surface, but that would mean you've never really driven in Shakespear's country.

It is unclear whether the authorities don't bother to fix them because it's a very simple way of keeping the driver's attention to the road, or they're just extremely lazy and don't care about people smashing their cars into them every day. Considering the speed with which they react to Wanksy's interventions, though, we'd bet our money on the latter.

You see, Wanksy figured out that the best way to force the road workers to take action is by shaming them. And since potholes tend to be either round or elliptical, he had no problem putting his simple but brilliant plan into action. All he had to do was draw childish images of male genitalia around the holes in the asphalt, and wait for the workers to fill them up in an attempt to cover the obscene image as well.

The plan appears to work, so now Wanksy is most certainly not just an individual anymore, but a whole movement. The same technique has started being used in London as well, and it won't be long until it shows up in other parts of the world where potholes are still a problem. But we're pretty sure Wanksy won't mind, as long as it's all done for the greater good.

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