"Pothole Killer" Can Repair a Pothole in Two Minutes

Manufactured by a Pennsylvania-based company, the "Pothole Killer" is the wonder machine motorists have been waiting for lots of years now. This gravel-blasting utility truck patches an average size pothole 30 times faster than a team of four road workers.
Dalek "Pothole Killer" Utility Truck 1 photo
Officially known as the "Dalek", the truck fills road imperfections with a liquid mixture comprised of an asphaltic emulsion material containing 35 percent water and a tar-like glue substance.

The only downside of this mixture is that it doesn't stick well to the asphalt at low temperatures due to the high percentage of water in it.

Potholes represent a serious black hole in the budget of local counties, eating up a considerable part of taxpayers' money. Even though this machine costs a whopping $335,800, local counties can pay $130,000 for a three month lease contract.

Surprisingly, this one-man operated utility truck is more affordable than employing a four-man roadworks crew including labor costs, transportation fees and the replacement asphalt needed for repairs.

Check out the "Pothole Killer" doing its thing by playing the video below.

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