Honda City Adventure May Be a Very Expensive Toy

Honda City Adventure patent sketch 8 photos
Photo: Honda
Honda City AdventureHonda City AdventureHonda City AdventureHonda City AdventureHonda City AdventureHonda City AdventureHonda City Adventure
We told you that the Honda City Adventure scooter introduced last year at EICMA would become a production model, and things are now almost ready to roll. Still, with the upgrades Honda made to this two-wheeler, it looks like its price is not going to be exactly budget-friendly.
The City ADV, or whatever commercial name Honda will use for it, received two radial-mount calipers for the front wheel, and this is a serious change in the original trim. The windshield appears to be an electrically-operated one, while the instrument cluster looks very similar to the color TFT display revealed at EICMA in November 2015.

We are eager to see this scooter in the flesh and analyze its wheels. Honda's patent CAD images show an uncanny design, with the wire spokes attaching to the edge of the rim, near the bead of the tire. This matter needs close inspection.

Now, the Honda City Adventure is still a bit controversial. Introduced as an "off-road" scooter (give or take), it certainly doesn't look like being of too much use when leaving the asphalt behind. The ground clearance will not impress anyone, at least, not more than another maxi scooter would.

We'd rather say that Honda used the rugged looks and big words to draw attention on this model. The feet-first riding position is yet again another thing that makes "off-road" sound funny when put together with Honda City Adventure in the same sentence.

On the other hand, the City ADV looks like a very decent machine for the city, and with the roads not always in the best condition, its dual-sport tires might come in handy. The lack of too much storage might also be a drawback for this model. Or perhaps Honda will put a touring pack on the options list...

The transmission will be DCT with a chain final drive, which is yet another thing that the City ADV could have done without. All in all, many believe that the Honda City Adventure will be more expensive than the NC750 machines or the Integra maxi scooter, and by a hefty margin.

If this is true, we reckon that its rugged styling might be the only thing that could sell it. If you ask us, the NC750X is a far better choice for anything, but we'll let the customers do the talking for this model.
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