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Polaris MRZR Turbo Diesel SxS Makes Appearance, Looks Fierce

Polaris MRZR-D is the latest star-branded SxS that has surfaced, but there are so many things about it that prevent you from getting it that the entire thing might become frustrating to some. First of all, the MRZR-D was engineered and manufactured by Polaris Defense, Polaris Industries' military/authority division, and this means that civilians will not be able to buy one.
Polaris MRZR-D 7 photos
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Having established that, this toy is for the serving personnel only, but here are some more tech details about this nifty four-wheeler. The D stands for Diesel; that's right, the MRZR-D is powered by a turbo diesel engine, and this also makes us think about more feats.

After analyzing other diesel military small vehicles, we understood the choice. First of all, diesel engines are more torquey than their petrol-powered siblings, but there is another thing that makes the military prefer them.

In the areas where such vehicles are deployed, fuel is often of lower quality, and modern petrol engines can, at times, be a bit too pretentious. It's not the case of tough diesel mills, as they can run with crappy fuel and even weird combinations no civilian would dare pour in their tanks.

MRZR-Ds can be transported in MRZR-D helicopters and can be configured to serve different types of missions. With a maximum capacity of six occupants, the Polaris MRZR-Ds retain modularity that allows them to accommodate only two riders, or carry two gurneys or other military equipment.

Polaris used massive feedback from the field and revised certain aspects for the new machines, such as the seating space, sightlines, or ergonomics. "Dimensions, payload, towing, ground clearance, accessories, handling and other features remain the same," informs. The Polaris MRZR-D can also serve in peacetime when mobility across unwelcoming terrain can save lives.

While understanding the impossibility of such vehicles reaching the civilian customers, we can only dream that Polaris eyes delivering a similar beast for casual customers, with none of the military stuff needed. Man, this SxS looks badass!


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