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Wage no Wars on Mars Aliens with this Tesla-Branded Observational Tank
What we’re looking at is not the next army tank to be released by the Russians. It’s actually a concept by industrial designer Bahadir Ayti of Bursa, Turkey. More than that, it’s a Mars observational vehicle branded Tesla and SpaceX.

Wage no Wars on Mars Aliens with this Tesla-Branded Observational Tank

Mars Mantis ConceptMars Mantis ConceptMars Mantis ConceptMars Mantis ConceptMars Mantis ConceptMars Mantis Concept
Even though it has nothing to do with Tesla or any of their minions, the design is so out there for something like this that we had to bring it to your attention. It's known as the Mantis Mars Vehicle Concept and is based on the look and function of one of the insect world's most revered patrons, the praying mantis. Made to mimic movements and some functions of the praying mantis, this vehicle is able to climb over just about anything, in theory anyway.

Now, this thing is huge, so we’re going to break it down into a few separate features. We can see from the start that it’s a track vehicle basically composed of five major components. Two front legs, two rear legs, and a body to hold them together. But why make something shaped like this?

Well, it’s all about mobility and stability. Each leg is ultimately unaffected by what is happening anywhere else on the vehicle, within certain limits, of course. We find through a number of suspension components that this concept basically mimics the same suspension movements like those found on stabilized Baja vehicles.

This is to say that as it’s driving along and an object is encountered under a track, the other tracks should remain just as stable as before the object was encountered. It is no wonder that the entire vehicle actually looks like a tank. This sort of stabilizing suspension is also used in some military vehicles. And frankly, for the harsh Mars terrain, something like this seems pretty legit.

The body for the concept is a bit different, however. It sits atop a sort of platform which is only held in place by huge hydraulic shafts that attach to each leg. These shafts are also the reason this body would be able to remain stable while going over terrain, to a point at least. It’s also this stability that gives the body its next function.

Aside from being the controls center for the device, it also acts as a storage and observation center. That’s right. The designer decided to take full advantage of this vehicle’s size and incorporated space for storage and observation of samples discovered while on expedition. Honestly, what else are you going to do on Mars except look at things? It’s not like you’ll find a theme park, yet.

Ultimately, being a Tesla-branded vehicle, we can guess that it is an EV. But this would just be speculation as the designer has given us no reply on any of our questions regarding this concept. We also don’t see any sort solar tech on it, leading us to believe it’s to be charged at base camp.

As for the body panel work, it’s very similar to that seen on the Tesla Truck. No aerodynamics, no smooth contours, just a huge hunk of dreamy metalwork. Now, don’t get your hopes up in seeing this in space. Before we are even able to send something like this to Mars, it would be nice if the current purpose for which we do have for this sort of tech didn't exist, Warfare, that is.


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