The Tesla-Branded EV Bike that Comes Equipped with All-Wheel-Drive

Alright alright alright. Tesla is bringing on the stuff with this would be bicycle design. Well not Tesla actually, but if they ever think of doing a bike, it may very well end up looking like this.
Tesla Model B Concept 7 photos
Tesla Model B ConceptTesla Model B ConceptTesla Model B ConceptTesla Model B ConceptTesla Model B ConceptTesla Model B Concept
Just to clear things up, this bike is not produced by Tesla, nor anyone for that matter, but is the dream of one Kendall Toerner, an industrial designer our of Seattle, Washington. And yes, it is a rendering.

But renderings are not always bad. They offer us a look into a possible design or future for a product or another. This is the case here as well. Even though it’s just drawn up, we are still offered some insight as to possible technologies that surround this EV. What, you thought it was anything other than electric? The Tesla sigil gives us a bit of a hint into what this trinket can offer.

So, we don’t have much to go on with this design. No one answered the e-mails, or the phone calls, so we’re just going to play it like we see it. According to the designer, this vehicle is supposed to act as a bridge between the bicycle and car worlds by incorporating technologies and systems available to both industries.

Tesla Model B Concept
Because of the safety issues revolving around bicycles when integrated into traffic, this bike is loaded with electronics to offer a higher level of safety, while even offering some autopilot features. Some of the most important features are the bikes all-around radar, cameras, and ultrasonic sensors. With these three systems, the Model B can detect all sorts of track disturbances. From other bikes, to cars, potholes, and even speedbumps, this bike can also map these objects while riding and is able to take over completely to avoid these objects if needed, theoretically.

But how is this supposed to happen. Well, with fork that has its very own AI system integrated into a steering mechanism. Riiight... With this, the bike is able to turn by detecting the smallest application of force into the direction you want to go. From there, the AI analyzes the data and proceeds to steer for you. But is this safer? We're not so sure, as the body to needs to be implicated into the turning procedure. If it isn’t, especially at higher speeds, you better have insurance.

However, not the whole thing is so dreamy. One of the features on the concept is the use of two motors, instead of one. Each wheel has its own governing motor which allows for a sort of all-wheel drive, just on bikes. This idea allows the bike to offer the needed traction for each wheel no matter if you’re riding on flat ground, uphill, downhill, or all-around. Doesn’t matter.

Tesla Model B Concept
The body design however is interesting to say the least. The battery system and other electrical components are stored underneath that upward curved downtube. The top of the bike is more reminiscent of motorcycle design with a bent top tube on which the seat is also placed.

At the front of it all sits the cockpit. Here we find a touchscreen navigational control built into the frame and those senor-loaded handlebars. The handlebars feature a folding function for when the bike is at rest, and fold downward along the front of the fork.

But one important aspect that we feel might have been overlooked is suspension. But we do see some sort of piston system in the wheel. If this is a suspension system, I wonder if it would work.

Honesty, there is one thing I would have changed on the design. Because of its supposed autonomy, there should have been a much more comfortable seat, one that maybe allows for some lounging. I mean, the handlebars already allow you to kick your feet up. Maybe a cupholder or two would have done nicely. Heck, if it can take you around town on its own, why not.


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