Volvo XC60's Semi-Autonomous System Is Great for the "Elderly Challenged"

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This is quite the paradox: the semi-autonomous driving aids - and the fully autonomous systems that are bound to happen in the future - would be of most help to those who can't - or can't be bothered - to drive anymore.
And yet it's exactly those people who are the least likely to openly adopt them. Yes, we're talking about those people that clog the freeways by going way too slow, the people who are never in a hurry - the elderly drivers.

Studies show that car owners over a certain age aren't very fond of handing over the steering wheel and the rest of the controls to an AI. They simply don't trust technology that far, and it's not that hard to understand. They already witnessed amazing progress during their lifetime, but they still need to draw the line somewhere.

However, as this video kind of proves it, the entire fight they're likely to put up will only last until the moment they actually try it for the first time. Who wouldn't want carefree freeway driving, 70-years-old or otherwise?

The guinea pig you see here is the lovely mother of Matt, the man in charge of carwow's YouTube channel. We don't know her age - and since it's a lady we're talking about, we shouldn't ask either - but we'll assume we're talking over 60, which places her between the brackets of the age group we've talked about.

She admits to having never driven a car with cruise control (not sure whether she meant automatic or not, but given her bewilderment at the XC60 slowing down by itself, we'll assume she didn't), so it's safe to say she's entirely new to the lane keeping assist feature.

Well, it doesn't take long for Matt's mother to realize the benefits of these systems. She immediately brands it as "great for the elderly challenged," which we're very glad came out of her mouth because it would have sounded a lot more controversial if we were to say it.

But despite the fact she's never used this kind of driving aids before, she still has the common sense to realize it's not meant to be abused by taking your hands and feet off the controls and your mind off the road, something other users were very quick to do.

When she's not being awfully adorable with her "goodness me!"" exclamations, she nails it with the automated parking systems, which are just a complete and utter waste of R&D time. Like any other self-respecting driver, she says she would never use it because of how slowly it works. There you have it: automated parking is too slow even by elder standards.

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