Volkswagen Tiguan Commercials Explicitly Call the German SUV a Mutant

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We've probably seen too many movies and played way too many video games because in our world, being a mutant is a bad thing. After all, who wants green skin, a zero IQ and bulging muscles? Well, perhaps a few would be OK with all of them just to get the latter, but they're too busy to do anything since they're always in the gym.
In reality, though, mutations are what drove evolution forward. Without them, we'd still be a bunch of Euglenas swimming in the primordial ocean, not having to worry about our jobs, the mortgage, kids or the current state of world politics. Again, some people would gladly make the trade, but they're too busy working.

In genetics terminology, a mutant is an organism that has a modified gene or DNA sequence as a result of a genetic mutation. Everywhere else, a mutant is a terrifying being that morphs two or more organisms into one to create something that has the best features of all of them.

You can blame the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for this perverted view of reality, but it wouldn't do you any good. Besides, you can now blame the people's favorite black sheep of the automotive industry: Volkswagen.

The German manufacturer is somewhat desperate to regain its position in the U.S. market, so it is pushing its vehicles hard. And since talking about its clean diesels would be a joke that not even the British might find in good taste, its commercials have to focus on something else.

We've seen their take on the Atlas where the emphasis was put on family, but now the ones for the smaller Tiguan are out, and they focus on etymology. Well, that's a posh way of saying they are built around the origin of the Tiguan name.

You see, legend had it that it came as a result of morphing the German words for tiger (which would be "tiger," but with a German accent) and iguana (leguan). Of course, the question here is "why" when you can have much better mutants than a tiger with scales or an iguana with fur? Don't worry, the clips provide an answer, even though it's as bad as the combination itself. How about mixing Godzilla and King Kong? Come to think of it, a Volkswagen SUV named Kingzilla wouldn't have sold that well.

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Editor's note: If people start calling it "Tiguana" form now on, VW has only itself to blame

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