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Two Sons Smashed the Windows off Their Father's New Cars After He Won the Lottery

Winning the lottery seems like the best thing that could happen to a regular person, right? Well, the reality is that most winners end up regretting the aftermath of the windfall for various reasons. If the winners do not mention their regret, their families end up being the ones who say it. The latter is the case with this subject.
2012 Mitsubishi Pajero, known as the Shogun on the UK market 10 photos
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Back in 2012, twelve bus drivers had won a lottery ticket as a group, and their pot was GBP 38 million (ca. $44 million at today's exchange rates). So far, so good, right? Each of the 12 got approximately GPB 3.1 million (ca. $3.6 million in today's figures), which is more than what people usually get after “participating” in the lottery. I am sorry to be the one to break this to you, but the odds are not in your favor when you are buying a lottery ticket.

One of the drivers who were a part of the winning dozen initially stated that he will use the money for his family. Later, he chose against flying his 78-year-old mum to Australia to see her twin brother, as his son noted.

Instead, the bus driver decided to enjoy his part of the winnings and reportedly acquired two new Mitsubishi Shogun 4×4s, as British media reports. The rest of the world refers to that model as the Mitsubishi Pajero, while some Spanish-speaking markets know it as the Montero.

At this point, you might be saying that it is his right to do whatever he liked with his share of the winnings, and getting two new cars of the same make and model is reasonable when compared to what other lottery winners do, right?

The two sons of this person, Alex Robertson Jr. And William Robertson, did not agree, and asked their dad for a portion of the winnings. It is unclear how they voiced their request, but 45-year-old Alex Robertson Jr. told journalists that his dad only gave him 200 cigarettes (that's a pre-packaged pack with 10 packs, and an awful gift idea).

A different report noted that the father handed him and his brother GPB 200 (ca. $234) for cigarettes, but all the reports noted that the dad told off his sons that they would “see f... all” from his winnings. Regardless of what their father said, as well as their part of the winnings, the two brothers decided vengeance was the way for them.

From there, they took a set of hammers to the two Mitsubishi off-roaders that their father had bought. The two broke the windows of the vehicles, and then went to the police to report themselves, as they recounted to The Sun.

It is unclear why it took ten years for this story to emerge, but we do know that the father of the two was already living in Benidorm, Spain, as of 2013, when he chose against flying to give evidence in a trial against one of his sons.

The trial was not related to the vehicle destruction, but a harassment case started by one of the sons. Alex Sr decided against flying to meet his son in court, so the case was dropped.

Alex Jr., the eldest of the winner's two sons, noted that his dad winning the lottery had torn his family apart. If there is a takeaway from all this, it may be to take better care of your family, with or without any lottery wins.

Editor's note: For illustration purposes, the photo gallery shows the 2006-2012 Mitsubishi Pajero's press photos.


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