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Dump Truck Driver Finds Winning Lottery Ticket in the Glove Box, Not Impressed

If you’ve never won anything in your life, you probably believe there’s no such thing as luck. And at some level, nobody can condemn you. But on the other hand, some people end up winning hefty prizes even without knowing it.
The man won $30,000 6 photos
Dump truck drifting on mudDump truck drifting on mudDump truck drifting on mudDump truck drifting on mudDump truck drifting on mud
This is the case of a 66-year-old dump truck driver from Maryland who recently won no more, no less than $30,000 using a lottery ticket he didn’t even know existed.

Larry G. told the state lottery that he casually cleaned his car’s glove box when he noticed a bunch of tickets he forgot were there. The man then decided to check through the pile of lottery tickets, and after a quick inspection, he noticed one that looked like a winner.

At first, the truck driver believed it was a small $300 winning ticket from July 26, so his excitement wasn’t necessarily going through the roof. But after further checking the lottery prizes, he discovered that the base prize was no less than $10,000, and his ticket included the Megaplier, which tripled the winnings.

In other words, he won no more, no less than $30,000 with a lottery ticket that was abandoned in the glove box.

You’d normally expect the man to start jumping around with tears of joy on his face, especially because he’s getting close to retirement. But nope, Larry says he remained super-calm, with the lady at the store even describing him as “ice cold” after finding out the prize value. Just like he wasn't necessarily impressed with what just happened.

Well, this is probably how it feels to be lucky. It gets boring after a while.

In case you’re wondering how the man is going to spend the money, Larry, who admits playing the lottery “every day” (but apparently failing to remember where he’s putting the tickets), says all the winnings will go toward his retirement, as they’ll help him return to the quiet life he’s been waiting for so long.

Editor's note: The article incorrectly stated the ticket had a $300 multiplier when, in fact, it came with the Megaplier to triple the winnings. The story was updated accordingly.


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