Trump 2020 Car Thrown Out of an Airplane for No Apparent Reason

Trump 2020 car skydiving 11 photos
Photo: Facebook screenshot
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Throwing a car out of an airplane is not something that can happen accidentally - well, unless we're talking about a plane that's carrying cars and a loose strap or something. Other than that, though, it's a feat that requires careful planning.
You need to find the right aircraft, you need somebody qualified to fly it, you obviously need a car, you need to make sure you pack enough parachutes for everyone, so it doesn't end up in the wrong section of the news - but perhaps most importantly, you need to find a large enough piece of deserted land where you don't risk dropping it onto somebody's head.

You could also do with a reason because frankly, it sounds like a lot of trouble for just a two-minute long video. We really can't tell whether this was done in support of Donald Trump's next campaign for the White House, or the long drop is actually a metaphor for what its authors wish the current president. Whatever the case, it's best to leave politics out as it's the simples way to turn a nice conversation into an argument.

The guys didn't just rush into it. They hacked away the roof of the car to make the final eject maneuver easier and also taped all the rough edges to prevent anything - clothes, straps, parachutes - from getting tangled or even shredded. However, that doesn't mean the jump was free of any incidents.

Just as the two people left outside the car pushed it out of the plane (and one of them screamed "Americaaa"), one hanged on to the vehicle a bit too long, losing control of his fall. As he spun once or twice, he hit his hand against the car but luckily managed to recover, and it was all smooth sailing from then on.

The vehicle, which we now see had a perfectly flat bottom, proved very comfortable as it floated almost upright toward the ground, instead of spinning uncontrollably. Leaving the car was a carefully synchronized procedure, and it had to be because anyone left inside would have experienced something similar to sitting inside the washing machine during the draining cycle.

Considering the distance it fell from, the car was in surprisingly good shape - as in you could still tell it was once a car. Then again, a pile of scrap metal with four wheels next to it would have looked very similar, so our assertion might be influenced by knowing how it ended up like that.

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