"I Think People Like It When Things End in Utter Chaos" - Jeremy Clarkson, 2016

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If you're still a bit upset about what happened yesterday, this should cheer you up. Well, it won't last for four years, but it will provide a temporary boost. And if you're not upset, then yay for you, you will probably enjoy it even more.
Here's another happy thought: with The Grand Tour debuting in just one week from tomorrow, that means this November won't be all bad, right? We still have something to look forward to. Well, there's also getting married, having a kid, skydiving, buying a red convertible, getting divorced, marrying a bimbo, dying alone and broke - you know, the American dream.

But let's stick to The Grand Tour for now. With each every bit of footage they release, the show just seems to keep getting better and better. None of that chemistry that made these three presenters famous together is gone, and that's because they seem to genuinely like each other - something that couldn't have been said about everyone in the cast of the new Top Gear.

And then there's the inescapable fact they have all grown older, which only makes it all the more entertaining. Here are three guys who should be thinking about becoming grandparents by now, who instead choose to mock around making a fool of themselves while also driving very expensive cars.

If the first few seconds of this video were also the intro of the new show, then we wouldn't be disappointed. But they won't be. Instead, we are promised the most expensive opening scene in the history of TV, and if such a premise that also involves Clarkson, Hammond, and May doesn't stir your curiosity, then you should probably see a doctor. Yes, "it's not going to go well," but at least it will be epic.

This will probably not be the last warning we get before the show rolls out, so expect to see more. In the meantime, you have around seven days to get Amazon Prime, a faster Internet connection or whatever you think you need to make sure you watch this the moment it's on. The expectations are high, let's hope they deliver.

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