Truck Driver Ignores Height Limit, Destroys Road Sign Taking Out a Riding Woman

Some people who watched movies such as Final Destination (you pick your favorite episode) believe that freak accidents are a thing that's possible only in the movie industry. Well, sorry to break the news to them, no matter how safe one believes he or she is, from time to time, something completely crazy and unexpected happens.
Final Destination-like scooter crash 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak capture
On one hand, videos like the one after the jump make us ask questions about how fragile we are in the face of life's random exploits, but no matter how disturbing such accidents may seem we must never forget one thing.

Human error and ignorance are usually the cause of the most unsettling accidents

Most of these apparently random accidents could have been avoided if people actually obeyed certain restrictions or regulations. It's true, receiving a hard blow from a steel beam that appears almost "out of the blue" may be startling, but what caused the whole thing is human error or ignorance.

Horrible accidents and deaths caused by drivers ignoring the height limits are, unfortunately, a thing that happens on a daily basis around the world. Thankfully, we're not aware about each and every one of them. Otherwise, some strange kind of paranoia would definitely take over.

This Chinese driver, who by the way, was arrested, failed to observe, or ignored the height limit for that particular section of the road. His truck clips a steel beam and rips it from the supporting posts.

The "Final Destination factor" causes the beam to fall between the truck's cabin and the cargo bed, transforming it into a "street plow" well worth being featured in a video game such as Carmageddon.

An unsuspecting woman who rides a scooter is hit by the large steel structure and thrown off her vehicle, meters back in the street. You should do your best to ignore the policeman's pen pointing to what's happening on the CCTV screen.

This is one of the crashes when no helmet and no riding gear can help the rider too much. The randomness of the whole thing is disturbing, but in the end, this is one of the innumerable faces of life.

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