Final Destination-Like Bike Crash Miraculously Leaves the Rider in One Piece

It's a bad luck day 1 photo
Photo: Youtube capture
If you've been riding your bike for some time now you should know that when on two wheels, things can take a sharp turn to the worse in a split second. Even in scenarios that involve careful riders that are well-gears and well-behaved on the road, the surprise factor can put a nasty end to a nice day's ride.
The worst part of this is that a rider can do nothing to prevent or foresee such events. All that remains is to trust one's riding gear, gloves, helmet, boots and all. And maybe hope for a dash of luck so that you don't get run over by traffic.

Parts that inadvertently fly off from trucks are almost sure to take a rider down

The internet is full with videos of various things flying off from cars, and this includes even mattresses the riders fall on to. Unfortunately, it's only seldom when such an accident ends without serious injuries.

Most of them produce severe destruction to both bikes and flesh&bone. A good deal of them are caused by negligence from the drivers of the respective vehicles. Improperly secured loads, failure to inspect the vehicle prior to setting out on the open road, improper care and maintenance and so on.

Sometimes such crashes lead to tragedies, with people losing their lives and those responsible ending up in jail, but it looks like such stories are not public enough to make a change.

The video below shows just how quickly things can escalate, and frankly, it doesn't seem to matter what bike was involved or whether the rider panicked or not. The crash was caused by the flying fender, and the chap was lucky that the trucker behind wasn't elsewhere on the road...

Skiup to 1:20 for the crash action.

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