Nothing Good Can Happen When Two Morons Meet on the Road

Two idiots crashing hard 1 photo
Photo: Youtube capture
Sometimes meeting a reckless or downright stupid road user is all it takes to put an end to the "nice factor" of the day. When two such motorists meet, it's probably the shortest way to a crash resulting in property damage, injuries and blocked roads or very slow traffic.
Now, running the red in an intersection while riding a motorcycle is extremely stupid. For starters, it is, of course, illegal and a sure way to lose your driving license and receive a hefty fee.

How about not putting yourself in danger unnecessarily?

If the right to drive and money are not among the top priorities on your list, maybe personal health or freedom should rank higher. That is, riders are already way more exposed when it comes to crashes, and adding to the odds of being involved in an accident is one thing people in their right mind could do without.

As for the most unfortunate outcome of such crashes, when people lose their lives... well, those found responsible for the accidents can also do time behind bars.

Now, the car driver is also at fault in this crash, and will share the guilt with the mindless rider. If the police see the recorded footage, watching this fellow as he gets out of the line and passes the cars in the opposite lane will not help him at all.

Things could have ended much worse in case the car impacted the bike full-on from the left side, but let's say that was already more than enough.

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