Suzuki Weekend Warrior Meters Away from Gruesome Death

Gixxer rider losing it 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak capture
We didn't take the time to measure how many tenths of a second passed between the car in the other lane rolling by this Suzuki and the moment when the rider wiped out. We're most likely into MotoGP gaps territory, and we're somehow estimating this gap to be around 2-3 tenths. As far as distance goes, we believe you'll agree with us in saying this was way too close.
As to the causes for this crash, some point out at the dark spot on the road that can be observed around 00:48. Was it oil? Was it other liquid? Was this spill caused by sheer rider mistake? The chap indeed seems to lose the front end by the time he passes over the dark spot, but it's rather hard to be 100% sure about this.

What is, however, certain, is the fact that the fellow is most lucky to be alive to upload the video and tell the story. Some could argue hat the guy simply lost the front and crashed because he was leaning too much into the turn and lost traction. Any foreign fluids on the road and the lower temperature of the asphalt in the shade could be other factors influencing the crash.

Either way, rider error or rider error and oil on the road, this crash has a strong educational value. The lesson is hard but simple: this type of "racing" on public roads puts the rider in huge danger. While even race circuits may happen to have crappy sections covered with dust and whatnot, one should in fact, expect the worst around every bend.

Nobody is taking such good care of public roads to transform them in racing circuits. We can only hope this fellow got the message. Watching this video again still makes the hairs on the back of the neck stand on end.

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