Huge Motorcycle Crash Is Only Surpassed by the Stupidity of the Riders

Huge bike crash 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak capture
It's once more time to add a new video to the list of highly educational footage that should be showed during road safety classes in riding schools. This video comes with a lot of facts that can be analyzed and students (and even licensed riders) that understand them have a better chance to become smart riders who will stay alive and safe.
First of all, we'd say that the van driver made a very lousy maneuver. Judging by the lines, he was allowed to turn there, but the whole running-wide-in-other-lane thing is silly and very dangerous.

Riders must learn how to read certain signals in their environment

Seasoned riders know how to read such signals in their environment. A larger vehicle going slightly to one side usually means that its driver prepares to turn in the exact opposite one. This is the case when the exit road is narrow and the driver must have a straighter approach.

However, this was not the case here, or at least the camera angle doesn't provide enough evidence. What is certain is that he was allowed to turn, that he braked in time and used the turn signal, thus offering plenty of info to other road users.

It looks like the rider who crashed was either not that skilled as to recognize the safety hazard scenario, or was not paying attention to the road.

Still, the crash could have been avoided

Even if the van's trajectory leaves a lot to be desired, the crash could have been avoided, had the rider been aware and reacted in due time. Seeing the van start to turn, he could spare locking the wheels and hitting it, instead leaning, countersteering and swerving past the obstacle that'd have been moving out of his way, by then, anyway.

Finally, seeing the rider and one of his fellows dragging the fallen and obviously injured passenger gave us the creeps. Such idiotic reaction is the last thing you'd be thinking about in this predicament. Victims of road crashes, and especially riders, are better left unmoved until medical help arrives at the site.

The spinal and head injuries they might have sustained during the crash can be dramatically aggravated if the body is moved. First-response teams will assess the severity of the injury and decide the course of action.

Some say that the guys were only trying to get the victim out of the traffic to a safer place, but hell, no! They are taking huge, unnecessary risks and put her life in danger. In such cases, calling the emergency service and waiting for the medical team is THE way to react. Ride safe and open your eyes!
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