Yet Another Video of Mindless Stunters Going Down in a Silly Way

THAT thing hitting the fan in 3,2,1... 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak capture
For reasons we utterly fail to understand, it seems like the only thing some guys understand from motorcycling is amassing in a badly-ordered group and doing wheelies on the highway. Setting aside the (most likely) illegal aspect of wheelies in traffic, it's funny to see how these chaps fail at their own safety.
Seeing how oblivious they are to the basic safety rules when riding in a group never ceases to amaze us. In this particular case, we can see some bikes riding in a staggered formation, but this looks more like the exception than the rule.

Why this is both dangerous AND impolite

And the way bikes are placed in a mindless disarray on the highway is obviously insulting for other road users. Nobody (or only a few) has a thing against group rides, as long as the bikes are not taking up all the road width, making impossible to pass them safely.

We're pretty sure that in case of a role reversal, the bikers wold be quite vocal and start complaining about the unfair situation. Well, please have a dose of your own medicine, guys!

As for the poor safety of such rides, there's hardly any proof more eloquent than the video itself. All it takes is one thing that goes wrong, and it will affect so many others, some of which are even fairly innocent, so to speak.

We know it's not nice to laugh at people crashing, but we just cannot withhold a grin seeing how the camera rider precipitates in the middle of his heroic wheelie as he understands that THAT something will hit the fan...

Seriously, people should stop doing that. It's unnecessarily dangerous, impolite and illegal. Grow up!

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