Dirt Track Bike Runs Amok, Attacks Rider and Audience

Some say that merely riding a motorcycle is a dangerous business, and in certain cases, this may be true. The same fellows probably say that throwing a leg over a motorcycle and racing it is almost suicidal. Well, while we're not backing this claim, here's a video that shows that even watching a motorcycle race can be just as dangerous.
This bike runs amok, atatcks everyone 1 photo
Photo: Facebook capture
Things can become "interesting" when a rider comes off his bike, but the engine does not stop. Even more, a throttle that remains open makes things downright dangerous for both the rest of the races on the track and the audience, as this video shows.

A bike running amok can deal a lot of damage to both raceway structures and people

If you believe that these bikes are only wild when they are being ridden hard by skilled people, just wait to see how wild they are when they get out of control.

With a throttle opened all the way, hell breaks loose, and the bike becomes completely unpredictable. The bike misses the rider, and he's quite lucky to avoid receiving a full-on hit from it. The bike is already upright and accelerates out of control towards one of the metal fences at the edge of the raceway. The barrier can do little to stop the bike as the barricade is destroyed in the blink of an eye and the two wheeler now speeds directly towards the audience.

A wheelie saves the day

Luckily, the power deployed by the engine is too much in the absence of the rider's weight and the bike wheelies and flips. The fact that it doesn't land back on the rear wheel spares the scared by-stranders from witnessing a very nasty crash. Had the bike somehow continued its possessed charge, this video would have turned into a very nasty affair.

Now, we're pretty sure that those opposing bikes and motorcycle racing could use to tell everyone that bikes are dangerous. Well, they are, but maybe that's why we like them...

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