Too Much Coolness, Too Much Wheelie, Too Much Auch

Another painful crash in 3,2,1... 1 photo
Photo: Youtube capture
You know my opinion about all these would-be street heroes who believe that the public road is their playground. I don't hate them and I am definitely not glad to see them taking the hardest falls. I only fail to understand what drives them to act in such a way knowing that the odds for a nasty outcome are so high.
Someone once proposed that all motorists that get hurt while operating vehicles while in strong contradiction with the road regulations should pay themselves for whatever medical expenses and costs related to the crashes they might cause.

That is, a rider doing 60 in a 50 zone should be treated differently from a guy doing a 70 wheelie in a 50 zone, as part of a disorganized group which also hinders traffic. Not sure how can this be proved, but in cases such as this one, things are pretty obvious.

When a rider in a stunt group crashes, he or she usually takes out more bikes

Performing stunts when riding in formation (we'll just call it a formation, for now) inherently means unnecessary exposure to risks. First of all, only an insignificant percentage of those who attempt such stunts are half as good as they believe they are at this. The real stunters don't need to show off.

Then it's the lack or organization as far as the position in the formation are concerned. These chaps will always ride as they want, most likely in complete disregard of the basic, common sense safety rules... and when one goes down, at least one more will follow.

I stopped asking myself when will this end , because the answer is "most likely never". So just watch and learn.

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