Toyota Supra "Miata" Face Swap Looks Like the MX-5 Coupe We Never Got

Toyota Supra "Miata" Face Swap Looks Like the MX-5 Coupe We Never Got 1 photo
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The current generation MX-5 Miata was unveiled in 2014, which probably means Mazda is already thinking about the replacement 5th generation model (NE). As a result, we want to bring up the subject of the coupe body which would take the fight to the Subaru BRZ and Toyota 86.
The Miata came out in 1989 as a little experiment to see if affordable, reliable Japanese roadsters could work. The formula has been a resounding success. However, many still say a coupe body should be added to the mix.

Times have changed a little and driving around town in a convertible could make you a little self-conscious. In addition, the modern motorist might expect a certain level of comfort which is almost impossible to get from a fabric top. Now, we're not saying Mazda should get rid of it altogether, just offer a coupe version instead of the retractable hardtop.

The shape of the MX-5 RF is really cool, and it does keep the elements away. But with a conventional roof, the car could be even lighter and sportier, two key fragments of the Miata puzzle. This is especially important if Mazda needs to add electrification to comply with European regulations, which would further increase the weight of the two-seater.

Obviously, a coupe wouldn't fall in line with three decades of Miata heritage. But we doubt the community will be upset. If anything, it might bring some Scion/Toyota customers over into Mazda dealerships. We feel that the 2-liter engine and 6-speed gearbox are currently better in the MX-5, though the balance might shift once the larger 2.4-liter flat-six is added to the Toyobaru.

Helping us envision such a car, superrenderscars has created this odd mix between the Mazda roadster's faces and a Toyota Supra. Dubbed the "Suprata," it has a double-bubble roof which would come in handy for those taller drivers who might otherwise struggle to get in. It's also quite sexy, like the two well-baked burger buns or the top of a twi'lek head.

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