Toyota GR Corolla Drag Races the New Ford Mustang GT, Loser Should've Stayed Put

Toyota GR Corolla vs. Ford Mustang GT 6 photos
Photo: Screenshot Youtube | TheFastLaneCar
Toyota GR Corolla vs. Ford Mustang GTToyota GR Corolla vs. Ford Mustang GTToyota GR Corolla vs. Ford Mustang GTToyota GR Corolla vs. Ford Mustang GTToyota GR Corolla vs. Ford Mustang GT
Here's a question you likely do not know the answer: which model is quicker between the Toyota GR Corolla compact hot hatch and the new-gen Ford Mustang GT muscle car?
The peeps at The Fast Lane Car on YouTube recently answered it with a video showing a good old drag race between the two and then some. The latter part is dedicated to the Mazda3 Turbo, which also joined the fun a bit, only to be completely obliterated, with the camera's focus then shifting to the models mentioned above.

First things first: how much did they cost? For the Toyota GR Corolla, its owner paid some $50,000 due to the huge dealer markup. That is significantly more than the official MSRP, which is $36,500. The Ford Mustang GT, aka the V8-powered one, was $42,000 after a $5,000 discount. As for the manufacturer's recommended retail price, you're looking at $41,960, according to Blue Oval's website.

The hot hatch uses a three-cylinder motor with forced induction and a 1.6-liter displacement. It pumps out 300 horsepower (304 ps/224 kW) at 6,500 rpm and develops 273 pound-foot (370 Nm) of torque at 3,000-5,500 rpm. The six-speed manual transmission with rev-matching delivers the thrust to the all-wheel drive system, and the car takes a respectable 4.99 seconds to reach sixty mph (97 kph) from naught.

Toyota GR Corolla vs\. Ford Mustang GT
Photo: Screenshot Youtube | TheFastLaneCar
Ford's Mustang GT features a naturally aspirated 5.0-liter V8 engine with a standard six-speed manual or an optional ten-speed automatic transmission. The Coyote lump steams out 480 hp (487 ps/358 kW) at 7,150 rpm or 486 hp (493 ps/363 kW) at 7,250 rpm with the optional active exhaust system. The torque is 415 pound-feet (563 Nm) in both cases, and the muscle car put to the test in the video below has the higher output.

While the Toyota GR Corolla has the all-wheel drive advantage to its side, with the Ford Mustang GT being a rear-wheel drive machine, it is clear that the balance tilts in favor of the latter when it comes to firepower. Not only does the Mustang have five more cylinders, but it is also almost 200 horsepower punchier. The thrust is also higher in the Ford, which loses in the weight category by being significantly heavier.

Then comes the driver, as a skilled one who is familiar with the vehicle in question will almost always perform a perfect takeoff, and that is usually the difference between winning or losing a drag race. Normally, we would bet on the Mustang GT, as the GR Corolla is obviously the underdog here. But could the feisty Toyota pull a surprise on the big, bad muscle car? Only one way to find out, and that's by hitting the play button below.

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