Tiny Combat Arena Is All About Having Fun Flying Stylized Aircraft

It’s probably safe to say that when it comes to flight sims, Microsoft’s Flight Simulator is one of the best that you can play right now. Still, there are a few more than decent alternatives, such as the Ace Combat series and DCS World, although these two games focus more on combat rather than the recreational aspect. One thing they have in common, though, is that, despite trying to replicate the flight experience, they don’t teach you to fly a real plane.
Tiny Combat Arena screenshot 9 photos
Photo: MicroProse
Tiny Combat Arena screenshotTiny Combat Arena screenshotTiny Combat Arena screenshotTiny Combat Arena screenshotTiny Combat Arena screenshotTiny Combat Arena screenshotTiny Combat Arena screenshotTiny Combat Arena screenshot
Now, if you’re looking for a starting point in the fascinating world of flight sims, we might just have the perfect game for you. MicroProse has just released a new title, and it’s not an adventure game, a signature genre for the famous developer. The studio’s new came is an approachable combat flight simulator called Tiny Combat Arena.

What sets this game apart from other flight sims is that it features a stylized look, so it can be played to just about any PC configuration, no matter how old it is. Tiny Combat Arena sets out to achieve a decent balance between a simulator and an approachable, customizable air combat experience. In other words, it’s easy to pick up and master once you learn the basics.

Although it’s a combat flight sim, Tiny Combat Arena is more about the fun factor of flying rather than executing perfectly accurate flight maneuvers. You’ll be dogfighting a lot and offer close air support, although you should keep in mind that the simulation elements in the game have been added in service of creating deep gameplay rather than for the sake of realism.

In Tiny Combat Arena, players can either jump in and flight in their own built missions that involve dogfights against aircraft that they choose, or strike objectives with ground units to attack and support, or they can choose to have fun in the Arena Mode where they pick objectives, identify threats and decide which units to support.

Tiny Combat Arena is a blast from the past, but maybe that’s what fans of the flight sim genre need from time to time. The game has just been launched into Early Access this week, and it’s 30% off on Steam.

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