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This Unique Triumph Thruxton 900 Is A Shiny Steampunk-Inspired Masterpiece
If you happen to be a two-wheeler addict who’s also into steampunk, we’ll bet this thing will have you drooling.

This Unique Triumph Thruxton 900 Is A Shiny Steampunk-Inspired Masterpiece

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Ever since the company’s birth, there’s been no shortage of incredible masterpieces crafted by the gifted moto gurus over at Benjie’s Cafe Racers. Besides stunning the realm of custom two-wheelers with their outstanding one-off builds, these folks also specialize in the development of top-grade aftermarket components, and calling BCR’s inventory extensive would be an understatement!

As to the workshop’s bespoke undertakings, each and every single one of these creatures boasts a unique personality of its own. Quite frankly, we find it virtually impossible to pick a favorite out of Benjie’s portfolio, but the steampunk-infused machine you’re seeing here is definitely among their juiciest creations. To give you a clear idea about the sheer level of meticulous craftsmanship that’s at work on this firm’s premises, we’ll be taking a moment to examine this ravishing colossus.

First things first; the donor for this project was a 2008 model from Triumph’s beloved Thruxton 900 range. This bad boy packs a vicious DOHC parallel-twin powerplant within its tubular steel cradle frame. The air-cooled leviathan prides itself with four valves per cylinder head and a sizeable displacement of no less than 865cc.

At approximately 7,200 revs, the engine is fully capable of producing as much as 69 hp, along with up to 53 pound-feet (72 Nm) of ruthless twist at 6,400 rpm. A five-speed transmission is tasked with carrying this wicked oomph to the rear 17-inch wheel by means of a chain final drive, enabling the Thruxton to run the quarter mile in 13.2 seconds. Furthermore, its top speed is rated at a respectable 115 mph (185 kph).

The BCR crew kicked things off at the front end, where they proceeded to install a Harley-Davidson's wheel hub and a set of inverted forks that hail from a Honda CBR1000RR. The latter is also responsible for supplying its twin brake rotors, while the wheel itself was re-laced using stainless-steel spokes. As soon as their work on the bike’s footwear was concluded, the experts wasted no time honoring its cockpit with a pair of fresh clip-ons and an analog gauge that’s been transplanted from one of Milwaukee’s titans.

Additionally, the pros disposed of the original clutch mechanism to make room for a Ducati 900SS’ hydraulic item. You will find custom velocity stacks and Keihin FCR carburetors with 39 mm (1.54 inches) throttle bodies, accompanied by a one-off exhaust system on the other end of the combustion cycle. Now, these modifications are all rather tasty, but the bodywork department is where the real party’s at!

Thruxton’s entire factory outfit was discarded in favor of aluminum counterparts that do a fantastic job at looking the business. Up front, we notice a rugged fairing housing an eccentric, yellow-tinted headlight and a tiny plexiglass windshield. These units are appropriately complemented by a beefy tail section and one handsome saddle at the rear, while a flawless fuel chamber can be spotted in between.

To top it all off, Benjie’s team went about equipping a couple of fiberglass fenders and stainless-steel foot pegs for good measure. The finishing touches come in the forms of drilled alloy heat shields and accessories that manage to enhance the steampunk-inspired aesthetic even further. If you ask me, this ferocious piece of machinery seems prepared to welcome the apocalypse.


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