This Starfield X Hans Zimmer Fan-Made Trailer Is Glorious

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You know a game will develop a massive cult following when fans start building ships in Blender 3D and making Hans Zimmer-inspired Starfield trailers months before the thing even comes out. Some compare it to No Man's Sky, while others say it's reductionistic to say such malarkey. Bethesda is known for its "bigger than life" RPGs, so it's a given that Starfield will play and feel completely different from No Man's Sky, even though space travel, planet exploring, and resource gathering are identical.
A fabulous new Starfield fan-made trailer just emerged from the dark, decrepit depths of the Internet. It was actually from Reddit, but isn't it the same thing?

User "iLuSioNz" made a post on the old forum platform with a new video they recently made with Starfield, featuring a gorgeous and famous song by Hans Zimmer from the extraordinary Interstellar movie.

The greatest thing about it is that it's a genuinely skilled edited video, not just some regurgitated images with a slapped-on song playing in the background.

The images or sequences "iLuSioNz" used in the trailer are synced to the song's beats, indicating above-average editing skills or knowledge. It's evident from the beginning, with the Bethesda Game Studios logo appearing and disappearing to the tunes of the piano notes.

This also applies to the "fade to black" or "cut to black" techniques, but this is where the editor exaggerated a bit with these practices. Evidently, they did it to the beat of the song, but sometimes, overly relying on these technical crutches harms the art. In normal circumstances, this would be the hallmark of a novice, not that it constitutes an insult.

Overall, the video hits all the right notes (pun intended). It absolutely nails the atmosphere from Interstellar intertwined with footage from Starfield, leaving fans very happy with the result.

Some comments said, "I don't normally comment on any videos on youtube, but dam... well done. goosebumps indeed," or "We need an interstellar soundtrack mod on release."

If you look for more Starfield fan-made trailers, you'll even find some with Mathew "Alright, Alright, Alright" McConaughey narrating from Interstellar. The game is receiving a lot of love from fans, which bodes great things for Bethesda, even if it won't be out on PlayStation consoles.

Recently, Parris Lilly from the Kinda Funny Games YouTube channel said during a podcast that he "may or may not have talked to someone that has been playing Starfield, and they may or may not have got me pretty hyped for it."

This doesn't come as a surprise, seeing the overall ruckus surrounding Bethesda's latest and greatest entry.

Starfield will finally be out on September 6. Still, those who can afford it and buy the Digital Premium Edition or the coveted Constellation Edition with the Chronomark Watch and Case will get five days Early Access.

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