If You're Not Sure What To Watch This Weekend, How About the Starfield Animated Series?

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Starfield: The Settled SystemsStarfield: The Settled SystemsStarfield: The Settled SystemsStarfield: The Settled SystemsStarfield: The Settled SystemsStarfield: The Settled SystemsStarfield: The Settled SystemsStarfield: The Settled Systems
Starfield is, without a doubt, one of the most controversial video game titles from the last couple of years. It went through multiple disappointing delays, a heated announcement when Todd Howard revealed it's locked at 30 fps on Xbox Series X and S, and on top of it all, most recently, a Walmart software bug canceled Constellation Edition orders on PC even if they were bought and paid for. But it doesn't matter for fans, especially now with the new Starfield animated short series.
People were expecting more gameplay videos from Bethesda's Starfield, but dollars to donuts, no one was expecting an animated series with lore from that universe.

At the time of writing, there are three videos: Starfield: The Settled Systems - Supra Et Ultra (2:40 min), Starfield: The Settled Systems - Where Hope is Built (2:51 min), and Starfield: The Settled Systems - The Hand that Feeds which lasts 2:39 minutes.

The first of the trinity presents the city of New Atlantis, the capital of the United Colonies. The plot revolves around Kent, a "delivery boy" who aspires to become wealthy. After he joins a military piloting program, he begins earning more and more money, and by the end, he reaches his wealthy lifestyle goals.

But boredom sets in, and he realizes he wants back into the fight. It's a story of want versus need and about the right choice for one's soul.

The second episode, "Where Hope is Built," differs significantly. Vanna, an Akila City orphan from the Colony Wars, is the main character here. A true rapscallion, Vanna keeps to herself but doesn't take anything from anyone. Her rebellious path takes her toward the stars in one cool-looking spaceship.

Finally, the third one takes place in quite an interesting location: "Ocean Planet Pleasure City." This time there are two protagonists, Ada and Harper. Partners in crime that live from petty theft to petty theft in a true Mark Twain fashion. A moral dilemma pits them against one another, and the outcome is open to interpretation.

While there is zero voice acting, the short videos remind me of the Fallout FPS series in-game cutscenes with Fallout Boy. The stories still hit their mark thanks to the great overall storytelling, even with no dialogue lines. All this, despite their under 3-minute duration.

Starfield is hitting Xbox Series X|S and PC through Steam and Game Pass on September 6. If you want to play it five days earlier, there's always the $100 Premium Edition or the $300 Constellation Edition.

I advise waiting for the reviews to come out first, and if you're still set on it, get the cheapest version through Game Pass. If you never subscribed to Game Pass before, it's now $1 for your first month.

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