Starfield Superfan Designs a Custom Ship That Took Over Three Months

Starfield Ship render 7 photos
Photo: Reddit User "It's_all_pixels"
Starfield Ship RenderStarfield Ship RenderStarfield Ship RenderStarfield Ship RenderStarfield Ship RenderStarfield Ship Render
Starfield is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the gaming industry from 2023. For a while, it lived in infamy on social media because of delays, the 30 fps cap, and the great sandwich debacle, but for the past couple of months, Starfield gently found its way back into people's good graces. Some are already hardcore fans, making their own starship designs.
Ship customization is an essential gameplay feature in Starfield. It's not just for show because it will be your primary vehicle for space exploration and serves as a planetary HQ. You'll also do space battles aboard your ship, so it's vital to customize and upgrade it properly.

It's modular by nature, so you must carefully consider things before attaching a new section to your ship. For example, the Cargo hold will determine how much materials and resources you can carry. Then there are the Crew quarters which are directly tied to the total number of your crew members. More space means more people on your ship, like a regular Captain Kirk.

Then, there are the combat-related parts of your spacecraft. The Hull and Shield determine your ship's HP (health points) and how much damage you can take.

The Jump Range, Mobility, Top Speed, and Mass take care of your gravity drive jumps, handling, maximum speed, and the weight of your ship, respectively. The Mass stats are essential for when you land because this directly affects your landing gear or components.

Finally, the LAS, BAL, and MSL features let you fire your laser, ballistic, and missile weapons at rogue ships in outer space. I believe the technical terms are called "PEW PEW PEW."

While building your ship and flying it into the great beyond might sound fantastic, sadly, you can't manually pilot it from space to planets. You enter a short cinematic, and it does the landing for you.

They didn't mention a reason, but it's most certainly connected to the procedurally generated nature of planets that takes place during these cinematic. If you have ever played Destiny or Destiny 2, you know exactly what it will be like.

People are already in love with the game's promise, but one particular Reddit user, "It's_all_pixels," was so excited about the game that they went ahead of schedule and designed a ship months before release.

It took the artist over three months to design it in Blender, a 3D modeling and animation software. It's_all_pixels used screenshots from a one-year-old trailer of Starfield and put it all together by hand. They made the modules individually and then added them to the ship.

The aim is to render the interior thoroughly, as you'd see in Starfield, and make a video presentation, like a guided tour.

The ship can't be imported into the game, at least not when the game launches. But you can bet your Collector's Edition that modders will be there to help artists and visionaries fly their creations.
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