This Pop-Top Travel Trailer Is So Feature-Packed That It'll Have You Moving to Australia

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Some campers just hit differently than others, and one of those units is the Orca 15, a pop-top camper fit for outdoor-loving families and filled with features that are rarely found in travel trailers of this nature. Heck, this one even has a slideout!
Folks, the wonder before you is dubbed simply as the Orca 15. It's a family-ready travel trailer from none other than Orca RV, a camper manufacturer from Australia whose work we've featured before. It's possible you remember their FF (Forward Fold) model we covered just over a week ago.

While that unit was built more in the classic Australian style, with a ripstop living space that pops into view once you've arrived at your destination, the 15 differs in that only a small section of its shell can lift to create just a bit more headroom; you can very well utilize this space without ever popping its top.

To give you an idea of what we're in store here, allow me to briefly discuss Orca as a manufacturer and why they do what they do. According to this crew's website, Orca sprouted sometime in the early 2010s as an idea of exploring a new way to camp and live off-grid. To achieve this, they "brainstormed camper concepts" until the right mix was found, and since then, they haven't looked back.

Orca 15
Photo: Orca RV
Now, to get a feel for what a life lived out of a 15 may be like, let's pretend you own this camper, and it's now sitting hitched up behind your truck. Since this is an off-road-ready machine, you'll be able to not worry about the sort of terrain you encounter. Sure, you probably won't be going rock crawling in this thing, but the trailing arm suspension with dual shock absorbers and massive coil spring will do just fine for off-tarmac adventures. DO35 AT coupling is also part of the mix.

Once you've made it out to that X on your map, stretched your legs, and taken in the local sights and sounds, it's time to transform your 15 into the off-grid habitat that it can be. Stage one is to get that top lifted into place with the help of gas springs; classic.

Step two in bringing your campsite into full swing is to prepare this unit's slideout. That's right; the 15 even includes a slideout, and it's found at the very rear of the camper. It's also here that you'll find this unit's main bed, suitable for two guests. Be sure not to miss the bunk beds, either, ready for adults and children alike.

Orca 15
Photo: Orca RV
Since we're inside this puppy, let's continue to explore all that it has to offer, and this is where we can see all that Orca is about and what they've achieved here. I already mentioned the bedding areas, but Orca also includes a complete galley indoors, meaning you'll be able to brave rogue storms or other spills of bad weather.

But it's the presence of a complete en-suite bathroom that I want to point out. I cover units like these quite often, and it's not every day that you see a manufacturer manage to include a wet bath inside; this one has it, so interior living is complete.

Now, Australians are known for their love of outdoor living, and the 15 is loaded to the teeth with features aimed at you soaking in the natural world around you. Some of it will even be put to good use; I'm talking about solar panels.

Orca 15
Photo: Orca RV
With that in mind, be prepared to encounter yet another galley setup, this time loaded onto slideout trays that hide neatly in the unit's body. There are also countless storage bays where you can load up an outdoor dining set, inflatable kayaks for sunset cruises on the lake, or replace the spare tire found at the front with a couple of e-bikes. Oh, you have a family larger than just four? Why not opt for a tent annex? With one, you can easily extend this RV's accommodations.

Other creature comforts are also provided by systems the likes of a Truma gas hot water setup, entertainment options, power-operated step, and awning, and let's not forget about 110 liters (29.1 gals) of fresh water and a roof-mounted AC unit; we haven't even begun to scratch the surface of an Orca 15.

Now, this sounds amazing and all, but there's a catch to this story, and it has a whole lot to do with where you are in the world. What I mean to say is that if you've fallen in love with the Orca 15, and at $63K Australian, or around $40K American, I can believe it, you will have to move to the land down under to use it; units built in Australia are crafted to road laws and regulations of that nation. Is the Orca 15 reason enough to move to Australia and leave it all behind? It just might be.
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