Camp N Car Does It All: Conversion Kits and Bespoke Works for Vehicle-Loving Nomads

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In recent years, there has been a massive push toward mobile living. The downside is that countless RVs and travel trailers cost well into the tens of thousands of dollars, and most of us just don't have that kind of cash. What if there was a way to catch this wave with much less than you'd think? Well, there is, good old conversion kits.
Ladies and gents, camper conversion kits are among the most sought-after pieces of gear currently popping up in the RV and camper industries. Why? Simply because a conversion kit doesn't require that you spend your life savings on an RV or camper. Often, with well under $10K, you can be out there exploring the local landscape, and that's worthy of some extra attention.

All that brings me to the crew in question today. I'm talking about Camp N Car, a little-known team hailing out of Port Townsend, Washington, with their eyes on a different kind of glamping experience. Their business focuses on helping people like you and me get into the off-grid game without ever needing to go out and buy a new vehicle or RV; their conversion kits are suitable for an array of vehicles.

Now, to get a clear idea of what we're up against here, be sure to check out the images in the gallery. That way, you'll have something to associate these words with. Oh, and I do need to mention that a sedan won't be able to be equipped with a Camp N Car kit; these babies require at least an SUV or 4x4 to be able to be used. Trucks and vans are clearly suitable, too.

Trunk Bunk
Photo: Camp N Car
That said, start with the simplest piece of equipment this crew has in store for us. That would be the Basic Bunk option, going for no more than $495 and giving us a space to simply rest our heads for the night. It's not much, just a wooden framework, but it does give the lone wolf a place to rest his or her head at night. You will need a sleeping bag or a mattress, but for under $500, you've completed stage one of a solid night's rest.

But, if you're looking to travel with two guests, you can transform the rear of your car into a two-person bed with Camp N Car's Trunk Bunk. It's a $795 expandable bedding platform that can even be used for single occupancy, and because of its raised design, storing goods underneath is still very possible. This is the option you want if you've got limited space in your vehicle, or, it could be the next hunk of wood this team spits out.

The next piece of this off-grid puzzle is actually Camp N Car's most expensive conversion kit, the Frontier Futon. For this modular furniture, you will need to start using larger vehicles the likes of vans, and once you've paid for this nearly $2K kit, you won't just have a place to sleep but can also entertain guests within your mobile fortress, squeeze in a tad of work, store goods underneath, or whatever else you can think of.

Home on Wheels Kit
Photo: Camp N Car
Now, the largest kit this crew has isn't the most expensive, but it does transform your van or truck into a nearly complete mobile living solution. I'm talking about the Home on Wheels kit that's selling for $1,145. Here, we receive a mix of furniture, including the Trunk Bunk and two organizer shelves to give you a place to add life-giving systems you may need.

It's this kit that I'd personally go for because it gives us the perfect platform to make one wicked camper. The shelves offer room for an electrical setup, a place to add a water tank and portable toilet, and even prepare a complete galley, and the bed a place to work and sit during the day and sleep at night. Honestly, what more could you want?

Camp N Car Complete Conversion
Photo: Camp N Car
But this isn't the end of this story. As I explored more of the sort of work Camp N Car achieves, I realized that they also take on complete projects for their interested customers. That said, they're able to whip up a completely bespoke camper just for you, and in doing so, we're able to see the true level of this team's abilities.

For example, the unit spotted in the video below is completed by Camp N Car as well, and clearly, it's a whole different ballgame compared to the kits they offer; it's a complete system ready for full-time on-road living. Be sure to check out their Signature Builds, too, where you can pick from a range of layouts. Bring your van and a duffle bag full of cash (around $68,500 for the Discovery package), leave them at Camp N Car's door, and come back later to see the magic.

Honestly, it doesn't really matter at which level you play the off-grid and on-road living game; Camp N Car has a little something for everyone. Oh, their Facebook page recently unveiled news of a kit for the Rav4, so be sure to check that out.

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Editor's note: Images in the gallery showcase an array of Camp N Car kits and complete conversions.

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