This Is Why Drivers Should Stick to Driving and Let Motorcyclists Ride

If it weren't for the relative danger that comes bundled with riding on two wheels, we'd all probably be dishing our cars in favor of a motorcycle. They're more fun, easier to use in the city, take up less space and, let's face it, they make you look cool.
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But, as things stand right now, they are more dangerous. The thing is it's not the bikes themselves that pose a threat to their riders or those around them, but the actual cars and their drivers. With the roads free of four-wheeled vehicles, this last argument against riding a motorcycle would be void. But it's not like we're in any danger of people suddenly giving up on the comfort (not to mention the increased number of seats) brought by a full-bodied vehicle.

That's why any intersection is a potential hazard for anybody on two wheels; so is any car performing a U-turn whose driver might fail to notice the approaching bike, or even see it but misjudge its speed. Drivers are more relaxed taking risks against smaller and lighter vehicles because they feel safer, relying on the other party's self-preservation instinct.

Stopped cars are normally an issue for cyclists since they're the ones passing close to their left or on their right side, between the vehicle and the sidewalk. A door pops open and all of the sudden you're not erect anymore, but lying on the pavement wondering what the hell happened. However, it looks like motorized two-wheelers aren't free of this peril either, as the man on the scooter in the video below is about to find out.

What happens next is a bit odd because it involves the man who stepped out of the car apologizing for his lack of awareness and trying to help the rider up. Of course, it turns out it would have been better for him, the owner of the scooter as well as that of the car in front if he had expressed his regret only verbally. On the other hand, we'd be short of a good laugh today, so let's be glad he didn't.

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