Watch Six Excruciating Minutes of the Worst Parking Fail You've Ever Seen

Some people couldn't find their nose in the dark without the help of a map, a flashlight, and written instructions. Others have similar difficulty fitting a rather small car (an Opel Corsa in this case) in a quite large parking space. No pressure, no cars waiting behind - just a big piece of vacant asphalt waiting to be occupied.
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Photo: Screenshot from LiveLeak
There's a reason the driving test in most countries includes a parking attempt. For some reason, sliding a car in a predefined space seems to be the most gruesome task you could ask of some people. They can drive just fine, but it comes to parking the car, it's like their brains suddenly go on vacation and leave their empty heads to deal with the situation.

It's not that difficult, really. It's still the same car you were driving a few seconds ago, it's got the same controls, it behaves in exactly the same manner, it's just that now you need to guide into a specific location. Easy, right? Well, as a stroll through any large parking lot in this world will prove, things are a little more complicated than that.

You can say what you want about this driver, but she (because it looks like there's a woman at the wheel) is definitely determined. She can somehow feel her car is supposed to fit in there, if she could just figure out how to do it exactly... Unfortunately for her, she's absolutely clueless about what she's doing, something that becomes obvious within the first few seconds.

You'll watch her go back and forth quite a few times, and she even comes close on certain occasions, but she just doesn't nail that final move. Eventually, you're going to hate the guy filming for not climbing down and telling her what to do. I mean, OK, film and laugh for one minute, maybe two, but after that, it gets so annoying you just want it to be over.

You do wonder who took the risk of allowing these people to drive, and thanks to what sorcery do they manage to get by every day? Are they just extremely lucky? Do the other drivers protect them? Do they ever reverse? Do they only park in spots the size of a football field? We don't know, but one thing is for sure: they live among us.

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