The Huge Difference a Couple of Seconds Make When Riding

Old and experienced riders will always tell you to keep your eyes on the road, especially when in the city, and in case you needed more explanations, you'll most likely find all the answers watching the video after the jump.
Way too late to brake, way too late 1 photo
Photo: Facebook capture
We don't know what he was looking for when the rider turned his head to the left, but this was the biggest mistake of the day. We'd rather say that this fellow was a beginner, and not necessarily because he was on a scooter. We know a lot of people who use scooters and maxi scooters in the crosstown traffic instead of their big cruisers, for streaking more easily in slow or stuck traffic and cutting down the gas bill at the same time.

But the fact that this fellow looks away while throttling ahead without having even scouted the road briefly indicates that his riding skills still need solid improvement.

Basically, there is nothing wrong with checking out the surroundings while riding, but riders preoccupied with their well-being should only do so under certain conditions. Naturally, making sure that no obvious hazards and obstacles are in the way before looking elsewhere should be the primary concern, while easing up the throttle a bit would also be a very good idea.

It goes without saying that these are things that should be taught in riding schools during road safety classes, alongside with visual examples in the form of movies like this one. Anyway, since many who take to riding a scooter will simply do so without taking too much time to think about road safety courses, perhaps we're asking too much from them.

Now, as we said that things could have been much worse, imagine how this crash would have looked if the guy rode like the speeding scooter that passes him seconds before the collision...

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