This Is RWBA, the First-Ever Slantnose Porsche 964 by Akira Nakai and Daniel Arsham

RWB x Daniel Arsham Porsche 964 Slantnose 10 photos
Photo: Daniel Arsham/Instagram
RWB x Daniel Arsham Porsche 964 SlantnoseRWB x Daniel Arsham Porsche 964 SlantnoseRWB x Daniel Arsham Porsche 964 SlantnoseRWB x Daniel Arsham Porsche 964 SlantnoseRWB x Daniel Arsham Porsche 964 SlantnoseRWB x Daniel Arsham Porsche 964 SlantnoseRWB x Daniel Arsham Porsche 964 SlantnoseRWB x Daniel Arsham Porsche 964 SlantnoseRWB x Daniel Arsham Porsche 964 Slantnose
Akira Nakai and Daniel Arsham are two names that need no introduction in the world of automotive artistry and specifically in the realm of Porsche customization. In a perfect mix of art and automotive mastery, the Japanese car tuner and the American artist have joined forces to create a true masterpiece – the "RWBA," the world’s first-ever slant nose Porsche 964 RWB.
Nakai-san's tuning company Rauh-Welt Begriff (RWB) specializes in crafting custom wide-body kits for classic Porsche models, and the Chiba, Japan-based shop has revealed some of the most outstanding custom 911s over the years. Now the legendary tuner, with its incredibly prolific imagination, and fellow Porsche fanatic Daniel Arsham have redefined the ever-so-loved German sports car. Their joint creation boasts a hand-assembled wide-body conversion kit that exaggerates the 911's lines and is influenced by Asham's visual language.

Just like most Nakai-signed customs, the RWBA is heavily influenced by Tokyo car culture and represents a radical departure from the classic 964-era 911 it uses as a canvas. This exceptional project sports iconic RWB styling and its most remarkable feature is the slant nose front end, complete with retractable headlights inspired by the 911 Turbo Flachbau.

The RWBA is "inspired by the rich Japanese street racing tradition (Midnight Club) combined with automotive manga like Wangan Midnight and My Favorite Carrera," Arsham revealed.

There are Nakai signature touches on every inch of this car, including the unmistakable flared arches, window branding, ultra-wide chrome JDM-style wheels, and the double-deck whale tail spoiler, which all combine to create stunning aesthetics.

The project is made even more interesting and unique by the infusion of Arsham's artistic language. The artist gave this Porsche 964 a monochrome white exterior finish complemented by metallic silver rims, while for the interior, he chose a mesmerizing teal shade. To be more precise, the eye-popping color is called Arsham Green Pantone and instantly draws attention to the cabin of the custom car.

A display of automotive passion, the RWB x Daniel Arsham Porsche 964 Slantnose is a project that has the potential to captivate onlookers with its harmonious blend of Akira Nakai's craftsmanship and Arsham's artistic vision.

Besides working on the custom car with Akira Nakai's Rauh-Welt Begriff body shop, Daniel Arsham also commissioned some custom manga drawings from illustrator kia_asamiyART.

Moreover, Daniel Arsham and RWB have also created a limited apparel collection inspired by their collaboration. The clothing pieces boast graphics inspired by the artist's love for Midnight Club and everything Porsche and are available through 2G, a Shibuya-based store.

We are not told what the future holds for this one-off Porsche 911, but considering some of Arsham's past projects, like the damaged Porsche 911 art cars, have been taken on tour around the world, something similar might happen to this build as well.

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