This Ferrari 308 GTS Is the Best Looking Tesla Yet

Ferrari 308 GTS electric conversion 8 photos
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Ferrari 308 GTS electric conversionFerrari 308 GTS electric conversionFerrari 308 GTS electric conversionFerrari 308 GTS electric conversionFerrari 308 GTS electric conversionFerrari 308 GTS electric conversionFerrari 308 GTS electric conversion
The Ferrari 308 GTS rarely gets mentioned when speaking about the most beautiful models in the entire history of the iconic Italian manufacturer, but that's as bad as finishing among the last in a Miss Universe contest - it is still stunningly beautiful.
The GTS version (with the "S" standing for Spider, as opposed to the "B" for Berlinetta in the GTB), with its targa-style roof, earns even more points in the visuals department. It's got a classic '70s Pininfarina-designed shape and a front end defined largely by those pop-up headlights that give it a purposeful, aggressive look when folded in. Once they're out, though, it's a completely different story: all that aggressiveness turns into pure goofiness.

So, the 308 GTS may not rank among the top classic Ferrari models, but it's still a bona fide historical Ferrari, which makes any modifications to its original form a pretty touchy subject. It may only have a 2.9-liter V8 with 252 hp (240 hp in the States), but it's a Ferrari V8 and that's all that matters.

Not this 308 GTS, though. This car here had its engine, transmission, and fuel tank removed completely and replaced with a Tesla powertrain. It's not a dual-motor setup, that would have been immensely more difficult, so we're still looking at rear-wheel-drive, only one of a much quieter nature.

As the video shows, the conversion has been done very professionally, to the point where someone who didn't know a thing about cars could very well believe it came that way from the factory. Everything seems to be in the right place, from the electric motor sitting just above the rear axle to the battery pack in the front.

If you worry about weight distribution, don't. According to the presenter, the 308 GTE, as they're calling it, has a perfect 50:50 ratio, which could be an improvement over the original's 43:57. And even though the motor does sit lower than the V8 engine would have, the battery pack isn't lying flat under the floor like in a Tesla. Instead, the cells seem to be stacked into a slightly higher parallelepiped shape and placed where the baggage would have normally gone.

Even so, we're still looking at a 500 hp motor with tremendous amounts of torque available from the get-go in a car that weighed just over a ton before the conversion, so performance won't be an issue. The real question, though, is whether the lack of a high-revving V8 engine will ruin the experience. It will definitely change it profoundly, but is it a deal-breaker? Watch the video and decide for yourself.

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