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This Amphibious Vehicle Is Unbounded, Serves as a Camper, E-Trike, and E-Boat All in One

When a guy who cycled for over 18,600 miles (30,000 km) from London to Tokyo puts his mind to work, only good things can come out of it. Like this unique and versatile, amphibious vehicle that allows you to travel over both land and water. Meet the Z-Triton 2.0, an electric “boat-camper-trike”.
Z-Triton 2.0 camper-trike 11 photos
Z-Triton 2.0 camper-trikeZ-Triton 2.0 camper-trikeZ-Triton 2.0 camper-trikeZ-Triton 2.0 camper-trikeZ-Triton 2.0 camper-trikeZ-Triton 2.0 camper-trikeZ-Triton 2.0 camper-trikeZ-Triton 2.0 camper-trikeZ-Triton 2.0 camper-trikeZ-Triton 2.0 camper-trike
The brainchild of Latvia-based designer Aigars Lauzis, the Z-Triton was revealed in 2020 and should have already been on the market by now. But plans have changed with everything that’s been going on in the world these last couple of years. It wasn’t such a bad thing though, as it gave Lauzis the chance to further tweak and improve its camper-trike, developing the Z-Triton 2.0 market-ready version. It was already tested in the Swiss Alps, Lake Geneva, Paris, Amsterdam, and Berlin.

Conceived as a complete solution for outdoor enthusiasts who don’t want to get limited in their adventures, the Z-Triton 2.0 combines a tricycle, camper, and a boat, all in one. This gives you the freedom to travel on both long or short distances not just over land but also over water.

And because it had to align with the current trends, the camper-trike is a sustainable, 100 percent electric vehicle. We are being offered few details on the specs of this three-mode RV for now, but the manufacturer does mention the range of the Z-Triton 2.0, which is estimated at 31 miles (50 km) of continuous riding on land and 12.4 miles (20 km) on water.

The boat-camper-trike is equipped with an electric boat motor with steering from the cabin and an e-bike assistance motor. It comes with integrated solar roof panels with a Li-ion battery pack, cooling and heating, USB charging, GPS, and a sound system.

As for its capacity, it can ride/sleep two people, with the camper being equipped with a folding kitchen table and storage room for your luggage in the front.

Since we last heard of the Z-Triton, its price has gone up from the estimated €7,000 - €9,000 (around $8,000 to $10,250) to €14,500 (approximately $16,500). The one-of-a-kind boat-mobile home-trike can now finally be pre-ordered both as an assembled vehicle and as a DIY kit. For now, it will just be available in Europe, but manufacturer Zeltini also plans to ship overseas in the near future. Deliveries are estimated to start later this year.

Here's a presentation video of the Z-Triton 2.0, just so you can get a better idea of how it works.

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