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This Boat Uses the Sun's Energy to Offer Up to 12 Hours of Fun on the Water

Ultra-Yacht introduced its first all-electric boat that features a solar charging option. Called the Duffy Bayshore, it's is a zero-emission alternative to traditional combustion engine boats capable of offering up to 12 hours of fun on the water.
Ultra-Yacht introduces the new Duffy Bayshore, an all-electric boat with solar-assited charging 6 photos
Solar-assisted Duffy BayshoreSolar-assisted Duffy BayshoreSolar-assisted Duffy BayshoreSolar-assisted Duffy BayshoreSolar-assisted Duffy Bayshore
The green wave is slowly catching up with the maritime sector. While hybrid watercraft have been available for a while, electric boats powered by the sun are becoming increasingly popular.

Built by the Duffy Boats, the new Bayshore was recently unveiled at the St. Petersburg Power and Sailboat Show in Florida. It's the first all-electric watercraft to come with a solar charging feature installed by Ultra-Yachts.

Marshall "Duffy" Duffield, the founder of Duffy Boats, never imagined launching the prototype for the Duffy boat when he put the motor from a golf cart into the hull of a beat-up boat. But he made it happen, and decades later, the Duffy electric vessels became some of the most popular watercraft to offer silent, zero-emission trips.

The company's newest vessel not only has all of the features of an electric Duffy boat, but it is also capable of charging up the batteries harnessing the energy of the sun.

The Bayshore's final assembly was completed in Florida by Ultra-Yacht. It has a total length of 18 ft (5,4 meters) and its beam measures up to 7,1 ft (2,16 meters). The boat has enough space to carry up to nine passengers on board, and it can cruise for up to 12 hours, allowing guests to enjoy a whole day of fun on the water.

Ultra-Yacht founder Ed Kolodzieski commented, "A Duffy is an outstanding way to explore the natural beauty of Florida's Intracoastal Waterway, bays, lakes and rivers while producing Zero-Emissions. It is great to relax and have fun at five miles per hour without ever stopping for gas."

According to Ultra-Yacht, the Bayshore with solar-assisted charging starts at the price of $59,596.

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