Here's How Fast a BMW 750i Is on the Autobahn With a Taped-Up Sunroof and No Speed Limiter

Cruising 194 mph German highways BMW 750i 8 photos
Photo: YouTube - AutoTopNL
Cruising 194 mph German highways BMW 750iCruising 194 mph German highways BMW 750iCruising 194 mph German highways BMW 750iCruising 194 mph German highways BMW 750iCruising 194 mph German highways BMW 750iCruising 194 mph German highways BMW 750iCruising 194 mph German highways BMW 750i
The 2020 facelifted BMW 750i xDrive came into the world as a super fast, super luxurious, super spacious sedan. Add comfort and luxury features in the mix and here you are, you get pretty much everything you would need in such a car. But some may think that the "super fast" part is far from enough. That is how this 7 Series ended up with the speed limiter canceled before it hit the Autobahn in Germany for a speed test. 
The procedure wasn't easy though, because the car had the latest software that would prevent such moves. A stock BMW 750i xDrive is capable of hitting 250 kph (155 mph).

The driver, Max from the YouTube channel AutoTopNL, mentions that he chose a Sunday morning to perform the test because the motorway was freer since truck drivers don't work on Sundays in Germany. He also reveals that he is using two smartphones and a speed measuring app with a head-up display setting to show the car's speed in both miles per hour and kilometers per hour.

Cruising 194 mph German highways BMW 750i
Photo: YouTube - AutoTopNL
Before setting off, Max made sure the tire pressure would cope with the high speed. In order to prevent the edge of the sunroof from affecting the car's aerodynamics and making unpleasant noise, Max taped it down. Then he set the BMW in Sport mode and hit full throttle. Although it seems rudimentary, the technique of sticking the sunroof with tape seems to work, as you'll see in the video attached below.

During the test, Max managed to reach a fabulous 321 kph (194 mph), according to the app installed on his smartphone. On the Autobahn, he comes across a police car, but because he is on a stretch where there is no speed limit, Max proceeds with his speed test.

The the odometer of the BMW can't keep up with the actual speed

It's quite impressive to see the car reach such a speed. The driver was also encouraged by the fact that the road was fairly clear at the time and the fact that there were no turns that would not allow him to see the road ahead to the limit at which he could brake in time if cars appeared in front of him.

He passed cars on his way pretty fast, especially after the app started showing speeds of above 250 kph (115 mph).

But the car's odometer is obviously unable to keep up with the actual speed, as indicated by the two smartphones with speed-measuring apps installed. On the instrument cluster, the needle of the digital odometer remains stuck at 263 kph (163mph) even as the car continues to speed along at over 300 kph (186mph).

However, towards the end of the test, Max seems rather disappointed with the way the car brakes. With the speed the sedan is capable of reaching, he says it should have stronger brakes. But there is one thing he must keep in mind: the stock speed limit of the BMW 750i xDrive is far below what he hit on the Autobahn with the speed limiter canceled.

The BMW 750i xDrive has a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine that works in combination with an 8-speed automatic transmission. The power unit delivers 523 hp (530 ps) and 553 lb-ft (750 Nm) of torque. The premium sedan is incredibly fast, hitting 0-100 kph (0-62 mph) in 3.9 seconds and going from 100 to 200 kph (62-124 mph) in 9 seconds.

The V8 that powers it sounds incredible, with some even saying it sounds better than the M5 itself. This is thanks to the M sports exhaust fitted on the 750i. The sound of the car is not too shrill but just right for a V8.

Cruising 194 mph German highways BMW 750i
Photo: YouTube - AutoTopNL
The engine shows impeccable behavior on the motorway. Acceleration in Sport mode is simply breathtaking, so overtaking would be like a walk in the park. The BMW 7 Series comes packed with a variety of advanced features and technologies and sports a comfortable and spacious interior.

This 2020 BMW 750i in Black Sapphire metallic is a striking and imposing car, with its massive grille, brought by the facelift, and black chrome accents, provided by the Shadow Line trim. BMW made a bold move by increasing that grille by 40%, while the hood also sits a bit higher to give it enough room at the front end. The 750i in the video also comes with the M sport package, which includes a more aggressive front bumper, 20-inch BMW M Performance Wheels with blue calipers and M sport brakes. Pirelli P Zero tires are 245 mm at the front wheels and 275 mm at the rear.

The car also has several optional extras such as the mocha leather interior with contrast stitching and piping, and a head-turning rear light bar with a 3D design. The 750i and xDrive badges are also present.

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