The Stylish Getaway Brings Tiny Living Perfection in a Compact Format

The Getaway reveals a lovely dual-loft layout with a big L-shaped kitchen 24 photos
Photo: Mini Mansions Tiny Home Builders
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The Getaway was designed to fulfill the role of a home away from home to perfection. It's much more than a basic dwelling for weekend retreats – this stylish and cozy abode boasts all the qualities of a vacation home you'll never forget.
Tiny homes can be many things, and one of the best is welcoming families and groups of friends who want to enjoy the outdoors without sacrificing homely comfort. A house on wheels gives folks the ability to travel and explore more in a way that feels familiar and comfortable. It's the affordable and, most of the time, sustainable version of a vacation home. The Getaway by Mini Mansions Tiny Home Builders does indeed feel like a dream vacation home.

This is one of the tiniest and most compact homes on wheels, yet it surprisingly boasts a fully traditional layout where none of the conventional living spaces are missing. Other builds in the same size category might do away with the dining nook and opt for a very small galley-style kitchen in order to keep accommodation reasonable.

The Getaway truly seems to make magic with the available floor space; it effortlessly combines the generous accommodation of a larger house with the comfortable amenities of a luxurious design. To top it off, it's still more affordable than bigger versions.

The Getaway
Photo: Mini Mansions Tiny Home Builders
The light-colored siding with white accents that add a fresh, vibrant touch makes The Getaway seem bigger than its 26-foot (7.9 meters) length and 8-foot (2.4 meters) width. As you enter through the traditional-looking white door, you won't be disappointed because that initial impression is only magnified inside the home. This is the kind of layout you'd expect with sizeable homes on wheels – two beautiful loft bedrooms, a luminous and airy lounge, a big bathroom, and, perhaps most surprisingly, an L-shaped kitchen.

Which might be someone's favorite spot inside The Getaway? It's hard to say since there are so many great things about each section. The beautiful lounge is not only perfectly reasonable for a traditional living room setup but even reveals a versatile and much-needed desk. It's a basic setup with a pop-up table and a simple stool, but it makes such a big difference.

This could be used as a quiet corner for working from home or a tiny snack bar during BBQ get-togethers. The huge sofa can be turned into an extra bed for overnight guests. Last but not least, it's surrounded by huge windows for great views and a stronger connection to the natural surroundings.

The Getaway
Photo: Mini Mansions Tiny Home Builders
While some tiny homes don't even have some type of dining area and their limited countertop space doubles as a snack bar. The Getaway manages to squeeze in a tiny dining area even though it also offers a generous L-shaped kitchen. It's similar to the home office setup, and it's just as versatile. This particular kitchen design also translates to ample storage space in the form of big cupboards under the countertop.

There was no need for additional ones overhead, which left plenty of room to add beautiful big windows. The result was a luminous, clutter-free kitchen that truly looked like it belonged in a "mini-mansion."

A couple of tiny shelves seem more like decorative items than storage solutions, and they integrate beautifully into the clean, minimalist kitchen aesthetic. This is a kitchen that can easily welcome the entire family plus occasional guests. In a dual-loft home, it's a must-have.

The Getaway exudes a sense of traditional, even nostalgic comfort, and that's especially noticeable in the bedrooms. You don't often get a walk-around loft bedroom like this one, which also reveals gorgeous flooring and ample windows that bring in a lot of natural light. Even folks who typically dislike lofts might find themselves drawn to the quiet, calm ambiance of this room. A partial protection wall adds just enough privacy without creating a sense of isolation, and access is easy, too.

The Getaway
Photo: Mini Mansions Tiny Home Builders
To save as much space as possible, The Getaway didn't incorporate the type of massive staircase with integrated storage you'd find in most dual-loft tiny homes. Delicate staircases with floating steps are somewhere between classic staircases and basic ladders, and they were used for each loft. This freed up ample space in the kitchen and lounge areas while also ensuring the safest and most comfortable access to both bedrooms.

In addition to the lovely bathroom with a traditional design and an unexpected bathtub instead of a minuscule shower cabin, The Getaway boasts another surprising perk in the form of a separate, closed nook for the washing/dryer combo and bathroom-related storage. This is like a miniature laundry room that cleverly doubles as a separation between the leisure area of the house and the cooking/dining section.

It's rare to see a house on wheels under eight meters with all these cool features and family-friendly amenities. Plus, pricing starts at less than $83,000, which makes it significantly more affordable than other models in this brand's portfolio. With The Getaway, the Missouri-based builder brought to life a real "mini-mansion" and proved that size limitations couldn't get in the way of great design.
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