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The Prius and Supra of Autonomy, Twenty Years from Now. Visually Approved
Imagine a future where cars still look like cars. But it is the future, so expect something different nonetheless. Even the concept gods would say, “These two, are worthy!”

The Prius and Supra of Autonomy, Twenty Years from Now. Visually Approved

Toyota Polaris / OctantisToyota Polaris / OctantisToyota OctantisToyota OctantisToyota OctantisToyota OctantisToyota PolarisToyota PolarisToyota Polaris
Guys, I want to talk to you about a little project called Camouflage, Toyota Camouflage. This concept project is the work of Yang Cai, an exterior designer from China currently working for Peugeot in Paris. He is preparing a work that has even made it past the rendering stages and into scaled models.

Knowing that the next generation vehicles to hit our roads will be completely different than the ones we see today, he set out to envision a future 20 years ahead. With technology drifting ever closer to fully autonomous vehicles, Cai took his expertise and molded it into what we see here today, two versions of Toyota branded AVs.

The two designs spawned with that idea of autonomy in mind. One vehicle is named the α-Polaris and the other δ-Octantis. Each one with its own characteristics and traits designed to offer a different driving experience.

Let’s start with the less cool looking one, the Polaris. What we see is that this vehicle is designed only for one occupant. The Polaris offers a seating position similar to that of a sports car, where the legs are extended forward near the same level as the buttocks. As far as an interior, we have no information whatsoever. Even if there was, it wouldn’t have been much. The Polaris probably comes equipped with an on-board navigational AI and your usual bells and whistles needed to roam safely around town.

As far as the exterior goes, I'm of the opinion that it’s just right for the future styles we have been seeing. What I like about this car is exactly that, it still looks like a car. Like the most bitchin' Prius you’ve ever seen. It offers a low and wide body with a very aerodynamic design. The front of the vehicle seems to direct airflow up over the hood, alongside the carriage, and over the rear wheel wells.

The wheels look like they are encased in a protective cover that exposes no wheel movement, if it even has wheels that is. Something I enjoyed was that the passenger is allowed access through the only door on the vehicle. How that door opens is simple: it just slides towards the back as if on a rail system.

Now, the Octantis is the older brother on steroids. If Polaris is a Prius, then the Octantis is the Supra. Its body design is reminiscent of sports cars. A sharp and dropped front end, with lines that lead to a lifted rear. Once again, an aerodynamic force. The front lifts airflow over the hood and this time centers it onto the high rear to keep this thing attached to the road. Seeing how an AI will be monitoring all aspects of the ride, I don’t know how much effect aerodynamics are gonna play in all of this. It just looks cool.

The Octantis offers an even more comfortable riding position. The idea behind it is that the occupant will just simply look at the stars while enjoying their ride. A full glass top offers exactly that. Nearly two thirds of the vehicle's length are windshield. Take a wild guess how you get into this one. The windshield splits down the middle and you climb in. The same design for wheel protection applies to the Octantis too.

If 20 years down the road we run out of ideas as to how our cars should look, I'm in on this one.


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