The New Redcedar Tiny Home Is a 17-foot Lesson in Modern Simplicity

The 2024 Redcedar tiny home is a beautiful example of contemporary minimalism on wheels 16 photos
Photo: Mobi House
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A striking facade that seems to welcome everyone with a huge smile is the first thing you'll notice about the adorable Redcedar, one of the newest 2024 tiny homes. Inside, a cozy universe of purity, brightness, and comfort is ready to envelop you like a fluffy cloud. Ultra-compact and efficiently equipped, the Redcedar tiny house has what it takes to become a minimalist's dream home.
Mobi House is one of the tiny home pioneers in Europe and it shows. Each design shows another facet of what seems to be inexhaustible versatility, seamlessly merged with top-notch woodwork and premium amenities. Redcedar is one of the latest Mobi House designs based on the Mobi 04 platform with a popular one-bedroom layout.

The Redcedar tiny is a beautiful example of minimalism well done. While most of the Mobi House dwellings draw attention with their colorful, vibrant exteriors and bright pops of color on the inside, this new 2024 design goes back to the brand's roots, which were powerfully influenced by Scandinavian minimalism. To this day, the Poland-based builder uses original Scandinavian spruce for the exterior of its tiny homes, and Redcedar takes this inspiration further through its simple and clean aesthetic.

Those who believe in the art of simplicity will most likely fall in love with this truly tiny house. The Redcedar is less than 18 feet long (17.7 feet/5.4 meters), making it one of the most compact Mobi House models. The name was inspired by its beautiful cladding made of cedar planks displayed horizontally. Inside, natural-toned woodwork predominates, in combination with all-white furniture. No color accents and no texture mixes, just pure, absolute simplicity.

Mobi 04 Redcedar Tiny Home
Photo: Mobi House
The layout is equally minimalistic. The open-concept ground floor houses a small lounge area and a compact kitchen, plus a fully enclosed bathroom, while the home's only bedroom is upstairs, in a small loft area. On paper, this might seem a bit restrictive, considering the home's length. In reality, the ingenious design helped open the interior as much as possible, resulting in a remarkable sense of airiness and luminosity.

Glazing is always a key factor in opening up small spaces. Mobi House designs don't typically integrate oversized windows, but the Redcedar is an exception. An oversized glass insertion on the side wall, right next to the entry door, that's also made of glass, creates the visual illusion of a full-glass wall. This design element alone instantly opens up the interior, making it seem bigger and connecting it to the outdoors. Thanks to this, guests also get to enjoy spectacular views while relaxing in the lounge or enjoying their meals in the kitchen.

The end section of the countertop was specifically designed to double as a breakfast bar with enough room for a couple of seats. It's mirrored by the floating shelf above, which provides convenient storage and doubles as a base for the overhead cupboards. Additional storage is available under the countertop, along with a spacious pantry.

Mobi 04 Redcedar Tiny Home
Photo: Mobi House
The lounge boasts two more windows on the end wall for proper ventilation, and it comes with its own full-length shelf for easy-to-reach storage. There's enough room to add classic living room furniture and multi-functional items like the popular Mobi foldable table. Up on the wall, next to the door, you'll see the foldable ladder that is used to connect the loft to the ground floor. Of course, in a compact house on wheels like this one, a classic staircase wouldn't have been the best idea. In turn, a foldable ladder saves a ton of space and can be easily stored so that it doesn't get in the way during daily activities.

Don't expect a lavish bedroom – Redcedar's loft feels a bit cramped due to the slanted design. This particular shape also led to two windows being placed on the same side wall, which isn't the best option for cross-ventilation. The ladder also isn't the most comfortable option in terms of access.

As you see, the loft bedroom has a few downsides. Still, it compensates through beautiful flooring and lots of sunlight. Instead of a solid protection wall, which would have closed the space even more, the bedroom features open-work wooden barriers (one of the signature features of most Mobi House designs); they're practical and decorative at the same time, and, most importantly, they don't block the view.

Mobi 04 Redcedar Tiny Home
Photo: Mobi House
Under the bedroom loft, the bathroom is carefully separated via a sliding door. Together with the white walls and white kitchen cabinetry, it creates a seamless fluidity that blurs all lines. It's an optical trick that enhances spaciousness and also has a relaxing, calming effect on those inside the house. Following the same ultra-clean aesthetic, the bathroom is all white with a few wooden accents. The best part is that, in addition to the basic equipment, this tiny bathroom offers quite a bit of storage, including slim cabinets that are neatly integrated in the corner.

With its compact, lightweight frame, and wonderful minimalist interior, the Redcedar house on wheels is a great option for those who want to maximize their freedom in every way. More and more people are switching to a minimalist lifestyle, and this is what the Redcedar is all about, without compromising long-term comfort.
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