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Photo: Modern Tiny Living
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This cleverly crafted house on wheels does the impossible by seamlessly blending contemporary minimalism with sophisticated accents that add a uniquely glamorous touch. The apparent contrast is also reflected in a layout that feels supremely luminous and airy without lacking any of the functional features you'd want in a modern home.
When it comes to established tiny house builders, the typical success formula involves creating a primary series of high-quality, highly desirable designs that then become the basic platforms for a prolific portfolio of custom builds. That's the case for Modern Tiny Living as well, a reputable company known to deliver some of the best, most elegant homes on wheels.

Five years ago, Avon emerged as a unique custom version of the brand's popular Point design with one loft and a spacious ground floor area. The Avon tiny home stands out in many ways. Firstly, it wasn't meant for long-term accommodation, which is why you'll see that it lacks some of the practical features of other Modern Tiny Living models.

Secondly, it flaunts a truly unique style that combines the qualities of a minimalist approach with the glam of a more sophisticated, artistic aesthetic. The Avon Tiny feels wonderfully airy, spacious, and flooded with natural light, almost as if this were an empty house; still, there are numerous functionalities carefully integrated into this modern layout, and although meant as a rental unit, this ingenious dwelling could easily become anyone's dream home.

Avon Tiny House
Photo: Modern Tiny Living
Sitting on a 20-foot (6-meter) trailer, the Avon Tiny boasts 240 square feet (22.2 square meters) of floor space, but it certainly seems much more spacious than that. One of the key elements of this ingenious design was the strategic integration of a large number of windows. The sofa in the lounge is surrounded by windows on three sides, while the glass door adds another boost of light. The door also mirrors a big vertical window placed at the bottom of the staircase, which successfully opens up this part of the house even more.

The kitchen also comes with two windows instead of one, which is rare for tiny homes that aren't oversized. It results in a much more luminous cooking area with the added bonus of great views. The same technique was applied to the loft bedroom with spectacular effects; while similar lofts only come with one or two windows at best, this one has three that practically bathe it in natural light. Last but not least, even the bathroom features a window that's bigger than the norm for an extra dose of sunshine.

If you have ever found tiny homes to be too rugged or basic for your sense of style, the Avon home will feel like a breath of fresh air. Sumptuous velvet in a luxurious shade of royal blue hardly seems to belong in a compact house on wheels, yet it's one of Avon's glam touches. A gorgeous custom-made sofa turns functionality into art: it offers massive hidden storage and is designed to turn into a fold-out bed, while the blue velvet seating doubles as an elegant decorative touch.

Avon Tiny House
Photo: Modern Tiny Living
This custom sofa alone would be enough to turn any tiny house into a more luxurious version. It's also accompanied by a small custom-made bookcase. The contrast between this sumptuous item and the light-toned, rustic woodwork throughout gives Avon its unique personality. The blue door frame at the entrance and the blue barn door separating the bathroom from the kitchen area take the blue color theme to the next level. In the bathroom, the window frame and the delicate storage shelves are also blue.

This is a good example of a really small bathroom that manages to look luxurious thanks to premium materials and a cohesive style. You'll notice the absence of a spacious vanity, and that's because this home was intended for rental, which is why storage wasn't the priority. The same goes for the kitchen, where there are no bulky overhead cupboards. Instead, only a couple of tiny shelves were added in the corner, while the entire side wall with a large window remained uncluttered. This instantly made the kitchen look a lot bigger and brighter.

The diminished focus on storage also allowed one section of the countertop to double as a modern-style breakfast bar with two seats instead of filling the space underneath with drawers and closets. This way, the Avon Tiny was able to offer a lovely and practical dining spot without requiring additional floor space. Style-wise, the gorgeous dark brown butcher block countertop was another glam accent matching the velvet sofa beautifully.

Avon Tiny House
Photo: Modern Tiny Living
With the lounge sofa turning into a cozy bed, the Avon tiny home could easily accommodate up to four people despite the one-bedroom layout. The gorgeous loft could easily rival a traditional master bedroom with its generous windows, ample floor space, and king-sized bed. This room was nothing like the small, cramped, and hard-to-access lofts you often see in homes on wheels. The smart design created a sense of lavish spaciousness and airiness, with just enough storage and a comfy bed for restful sleep.

The staircase made sure this elegant bedroom was easy to access for anyone, and the open-work loft barrier and handrail added a sense of transparency in line with the home's overall airiness. It's small details like these that make a huge difference in the end.

At the time of its delivery, the Avon tiny house was priced at $69,000 with all the customizations included, confirming once more that tiny living can make luxury affordable. It also confirms the impressive versatility of these mobile dwellings that can range from absolute simplicity and ruggedness to the most sophisticated, even futuristic elegance.

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